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  1. Your not riding it where it makes its power. Only time you were in the power was well you know...
  2. Growing like a weed, time goes by sooo fast. I'd like to get out on the new bike, still has zero hours on it but iv sunk tons of money into goodies for it. I'm anxious to get out on it, how's life treating you? What r u riding now?
  3. May have to make a trip with the new 350
  4. You have got to be joking. Just how do you manage to bend bars without wrecking? And if you have been to the east coast and rode the gnarly terrain that's found in my parts then you wouldn't be saying east coast trail ridings just not hard on bikes. Not to mention single track areas and the slickest mud in the United States. I'd love to see you come ride some of the wv mud, good mud riders from different parts come to this neck of the woods and cant handle the conditions. Idk who's ktm your jealous of. But some if the stuff your saying makes me think you live under a rock
  5. I've only rode buffalo mtn. But it would be fine if you stay on the regular trails. You wouldn't want to go taking the single tracks. I did 198 last year, 178 is a bit more challenging on a wet day. It took me 3 hours to get off 178, couldn't make it past a hill, turned around and couldn't make it up a hill we've already came down. We drug them out. I think the system needs to go through and renumber because once the trails get worn difficulty levels change dramatically.
  6. LMAO and your the one always trolling in the chat room. looks like if you would spend more time on your bike and less talking shit to people you may be a little better on a bike.
  7. open c has atleast 15 riders in it at every race up to 25 riders
  8. I run open C. there are classes from 1st year racer to pro, vet classes too. Open C is one of the most competitive classes with a couple of sandbaggers in it. The B classes are more honest classes.one of the open c riders gets top 10-20 every race out of 100+ bikes. He is beating almost all the B guys consistently and some A class riders too
  9. iv ran all the wexcr races this year except the second day of the double header. the series is awesome and it has grown tremendously. I will be finishing up the year on my Ktm 250xc and then selling it as I have a '13 350 in the building. If you haven't ran one of their races and you are debating on running one don't hesitate its a great time. Im in parkersburg
  10. do the '13s not come with rear axel plugs? mine didn't and I was just wondering if I just got shorted
  11. just picked up the '13 350xcf today. just wanted to have a rundown of anything it needs to make it more reliable? cam chain tensioner or anything like that. also would like to know how you guys are breaking them in, im coming from a 250xc 2 stroke so would like to know what you all do
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