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  1. tyler90

    Best looking footpegs on the market

    @Bryan Bosch i wonder if it is the same process as they do to stainless steel slides and barrels on firearms. It is called PVD or Physical Vapor Deposition. Chameleon is the common name of the jet fuel colorway
  2. I'm adding grab straps F+R to my list of custom favorites after being reminded by reading general rider info for a local ama sanctioned endurocross event stating, "Off-Road straps for the seat and/or lower triple clamp is recommended in all classes." Yes, yes they are.
  3. tyler90

    Indoor Endurocross in Southern Oregon

    Thanks for this!
  4. Motorex has a much cooler bottle. All the bros will drool over it. On a serious note, It is expensive, though the GTX high mileage is not what you want.. If you'd like to save some bread and still buy a good oil go to walmart and buy a 5 gallon jug of (i know you guys are thinking of rotella here) penzoil platinum euro or better yet Mobil 1 European Car Formula. I believe both of those to be pretty solid choices. They're full syn and will last longer than dyno or a cheap syn like T6 in my experience, and without any clutch slippage which is important. What you are looking for is that it meets JASO MA2 specifications for your wet clutch. But if you have the money go Moterex or Motul 7100 all day. If it's full synthetic Ester stock it's top of the line and your thumper will thank you for it! Lol
  5. I hate when i hear dumb shit like that being told to regular folks. It's Not true. Run the full syn, go back to regular dyno oil if you want, switch back and forth and see no ill effects. What matters most is that it meets weight specs and doesnt contain friction modifiers as many automotive oils do.
  6. Seems like most of the general dirt bike discussions as of late have been centered around the idea of what's the best ____. So i figured, let's mix it up a little, while staying on the same train of thought... Very few of us keep our bikes completely stock. Out of everything you have done to your bike, what one aftermarket part or custom modification have you made and installed that really stands out to you? Please list the bike if for example the mod is specific to ergos Some ideas: windscreens, tall/low seats, rally fairings, GPS, grip/seat heaters, wrap around handguards, pipe guards, lock-on grips, shinko fatty tires lol and rotella (momore $ for mo mods) hahaha I'll start, teflon tape wrapped around the bar where the clutch and front brake perch clamp down keeps my levers from breaking by allowing them to rotate away in a crash.
  7. They are good tires for 50/50 use. Not really suitable for hardcore S/T of course but as a DS tire they should be great. They wear slow and can be dropped well below 10 psi for dirt or sand without risking rim damage. I would not recommend them for most dirtbikes/ers but for an xr650 seeing a lot of miles you won't be mad at all.. maybe only mad at the purchase price. Fwiw, I only bought/ran the rear and it was the last Gen.. and have no personal experiance with the front tire or current gen. I think the best thing they have going for them is their dependability. I went 140 width. After a while i decided that I didnt like the blocky straight tread pattern in some offroad situations and the lack of knob depth began to bother me (shorter than even FIM regulated tires), but i am on a fe501 that is even lighter and faster than the 650 that you're tire shopping for.
  8. tyler90

    Clipped a TREE

    I'm not even 30 yet and a few failed hill climbs = it becoming hard to throw my leg over the rear fender. A few more failed attempts and i have had to go an easier way around & try again another day due to fatigue. I can imagine that with age, things like grab straps and properly lowered bikes will only become more helpful. By the way, my friends dont ever help eachother up the hills, usually we just laugh at eachothers failed attempts. But maybe one day my front tugger will get some use :]
  9. Not trying to thread jack but wanting to hear some first hand experience w/ the Guts +30mm soft foam.. wanting to replace my stock seat foam with something more forgiving.
  10. Bondo or something. Popping the dent out could lead to a failure point.
  11. 5 us liquid gallons = 4.163 imperial gallons & 5 imperial gallons is ~6 US gal. So I dont think the can is the only problem.. Part of the difference comes from the air that gets released and counted as fuel when pumping at full speed. If you focus and listen carefully next time you're at the station, you can hear/feel the difference between a quarter squeeze of the pump and a full squeeze or enough to trigger one of those set it and forget it tabs. Next time you fill that same tank, take it REAL slow and see if you get the whole 5 gallons worth
  12. tyler90

    Strapless tie down systems

    Interesting find @Cody Ludlum I wonder why A. they wont ship here, or B. we dont have an aliexpress/Harbor Freight version that's available stateside. I know the risk racing Lock n load system garners a lot of people's attention, but its price makes most of us just keep using tie downs & wheel chocks or somehow getting more creative. Interested in hearing what you come up with!
  13. Baja Designs S2 Sport spot light - Amber USWE Ranger 9 hydropack I will probably buy them for myself lol
  14. Let's say you have a street legal bike with no power draining accessories installed and want to add a small yellow light bar above the headlight to cut through the coastal fog and increase visibility on the street, and dirt/dust when following buds in dry offroad conditions.. What are some of the simpler ways to wire one in? Straight to the battery with an inline fuse? Tap into the headlight wiring? Something different entirely? How about turning it on and back off again independent from the bike starting/stopping? I'd like to tackle this but have surprisingly found almost no how-to's online.. only how to wire up a big ol light bar to a car or truck through the fusebox.. not sure how much relates but figure its gotta be pretty straight forward. Thanks in advance