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  1. Not sure if this is necessarily the best place to post this but its ktm related and I'm just looking for some general knowledge. I took a spill over the weekend and appears I bent the frame at the head post (maybe) to the right but I'm not real sure because it looks good and I take a second look and I am unsure. There is no shake,movement or unusual noise in the steering bearings or that area. Part of me thinks my eyes are playing tricks on me because the parts around it throw me off visually but I have to be sure. Other than that the front rim bent, front fender and number plate ripped to pieces, twin wall bars are bent and my clutch cylinder broke off. I figure I'll have to loosen the triple clamps and readjust all that and get everything squared up with new parts. Forks appear to be straight from what I can tell. In regards to the frame I have a 4ft level, contractors square, etc. Is there some way I can measure or use these tools to tell if everything is normal or out of wack on the head of the frame? Second thing, I have been looking for new magura cylinders and I can only seem to find the full assembly for like $230. This was my first ride on the clutch rebuild so if somebody could point me in the right direction I would like to find just the cylinder body seeing as how I have all the internals and pieces. Attached pics but not sure if they'll upload
  2. MX1010

    FMF silencer dent/bend. RCT4.1

    Bad luck. I had the same thing happen and could figure out for the life of me where the dent and all the scratches came from. Ended up being the rear tire coming down way too hard cause the suspension bottomed out and caused the dent.
  3. MX1010

    Illinois mx tracks

    Sunset Ridge, Brushy Ridge
  4. MX1010

    450f hours

    Thats it? (sarcasm)...150hrs+ and counting
  5. MX1010

    Tire choice?

    I prefer the 4 stroke version of the mx51 or newer 52 or the s12 xc. Depends on conditions as well.
  6. MX1010

    Nut sacked

  7. I love the title of this thread lol
  8. MX1010

    Which Air Filter?

    Twin air with no toil. Personal preference but never had a problem with these brands. If it ain't broke don't fix it!
  9. BFG All-Terrain T/A KO
  10. Welcome to the dark side
  11. MX1010

    Chick won't stay up on ktm 200exc?

    Chick oh man
  12. Thats awesome. Nice job!