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  1. TonyE407

    CMRC Racing on Speed TV !!!

    w00t this year was great for racing, klatt wil lshock the world, as he beat JSR straight up in a race
  2. TonyE407

    Talking to the big boys

    i am 6'4 or 6'5 245 on a KXF. fits perfect revalved suspension, heavier fork springs, lowered pegs(personal mod)
  3. TonyE407

    backfire screen

    yes i remember when he over jumped the finish line. what the hell was going through his mind. also, my dad's old number was 407. yea, sure, we mnight have to meet soemwhere to duel out, even with canadian kawi! :cry:
  4. TonyE407

    backfire screen

    sweet. ya i race a couple of cmrc rounds a few times. i went to bruderheim, i race 125 junior and gp junior. i am 487 on a kxf250. some lil shti fro mcalgary took my numbert that my dad used for liek 20 some odd years.
  5. TonyE407

    backfire screen

    ya we did that to mine, its better now. canadiankawi, where in alberta you from? fort saskatchewan here
  6. TonyE407

    Serious Monkey butt

    stupid bugger
  7. yoyu think that's bad? my bad broke hsi tib/fib and got 20 screws and 2 or 3 plates :cry:
  8. TonyE407

    New pics from Viper - !FOR REAL THIS TIME!

    me and you both, ours are just usually found in famremrs fields, and once in a while, theey're nice and sucluded.
  9. TonyE407

    Short Video of Me

    it was actually a huge table top. 130 feet long. for the race it was shortened from 120 to 110. well, a local pro didnt know that, and landed flat. ugly crash when anyoen lands flat from that. i saw a guy beside me land flat. he was on the side of the track for a while. and yes, its really nice track there. right in the middle of the city. the reaso nwhy the guy passed me was that i let everyone go, and there was a big first turn pile up with all the fast pros. so i had soem 'moments' tryign to run thier pace. I KNOW I LOOK HUGE ON THAT SMALL 125
  10. i knwo it aint much, but its a lil of me up here in canada. it was taken during the international oldtimers race in august. the video may freeze a lil. u might have to buz a head to see mroe of it. my video
  11. TonyE407


    just for you. you're lover sent this to me as a self pic:
  12. TonyE407


    no doubt! hasn't the toher brnads have had more time to test and styff liek that. seems to me that kawasaki's one both 125 SX championships this year....hmmm....no honda in sight...hmmm....
  13. TonyE407


    nuff said. honda boys cant win so they try to come into another forum and try to win...am i missing somethign here? the honda aint the perfect bike either. at least the KXF/RMZ hold their oil
  14. TonyE407

    Vapor locking?

    well when we picked it up, our dealer( i sound so druggy like) he said he put in the 3 big updates and the CDI being one
  15. TonyE407

    Vapor locking?

    this was my bike john407 was talking about. i had two or 3 good hard rides. on the 3rd one i was on a hot and hard/slippery track for 3/4's of an hour(i think) and i came into a really sharp left turn. it began to bog and so i started to down shift and it still bogged, and evenutally stalled. it was harder than hell to start and when i did, i had absolutely no power and i woudl be shifting all over and no power either, so i rode for about 2 mins and it was just not gettign better, so i rode back to the pits. that was the hottest my bike has ever been. now after reading about soem guys having the same problem, i thought my valves were gone or soemthing, but it seems like an easy fix. ohyah, i never had to use my clutch except in tight corners and off starts(bills pipe system)