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    New to the off road scene, i build and ride old choppers in chicago. Looking for people to ride off road with in the chicago area, do some hare scrambles for fun blah blah blah...
  1. So I went riding around town yesterday and while I was getting some food it started to rain, bike was probably in the rain for a total of twenty mins at most. When I got back to the bike I put my key in and hit the starter button, at that point I heard a pop and haven't had power since. I'm still waiting for my manual in the mail but I was just wondering if my bike has fuses or breakers? If you guys think that's my problem and where are they located if it is?????? Thanks so much!
  2. I think it's a wonderful idea, and being the dude I am building old Harley I do that kinda sketchy shit all the time. As long as it will work I'm cool with it. I don't wanna drive my bike out 3 hours to this park and them be like " oh yea you can't ride here cause you don't have an oem whatever the &%$#@!" It's appreciated thanks a lot!
  3. I'm sorry they did take it out before I bought it.
  4. So apparently you need one of these things to ride off road in Illinois and I'm just not exactly sure which one to get? Or what one is legal or whatever the &%$#@! out here..Can you guys link me a cheap "legal" so I can ride off road Spark Arrestor. It'd be greatly appreciated, and do you have to reject after you put this thing on? Thanks a lot! Bike: 2006 DRZ400s, exhaust stock, carb stock.
  5. Retard alert, the problem the whole time was that the vacuum line from the Petcock to the carb was off the WHOLE TIME I'VE HAD THE BIKE (3 weeks) but when I took the carb off to clean it that line wasn't on there do I didn't know to put it back on. Anyways it's running like a champ.
  6. I guess I'm back to the drawing board poop!!
  7. Dang I thought we were onto something here, now I'm just screwed!! Haha! Thanks anyways. Any other ideas?
  8. So I took the carb off and cleaned the &%$#@! out of it, it was in fact real dirty! So I hooked the carb back up, no manifold leaks, everything is in there properly and it's even worse now. Only starts and stays running on choke, give it gas it hesitates and back fires.. But I did notice this... On the bottom side of the carb there is some threads that looks like something is missing, like they are very clean. Any idea what goes in there?
  9. Yes I did have the same issue and I noticed the inside of my bars were sleeved as well allowing the inserts to only go in so far, also the riser clamps were 7/8 not 1 inch like my bars. Drilled out the inside of the bars and ran spacers for the bolts on the risers to the bars. Chopper shit. Haha!
  10. Well the bike has 15,000 miles on it, it's stock as far as the motor and carb go. Bought it a month ago it ran fine when I bought it sat for two weeks and started doing all this. The bike seems to start up pretty easy, and it has a makuni carb on it. And I doubt any wear happened to the pistons and or bore, it's never been ridden off road.... Yet.
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