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  1. good man! This is why we can't have nice things...
  2. dougrender

    Dubois Wyoming

    Any good single track riding in Dubois? Heading that way Sept 21-24 to see my parents who will be visiting there. KTM 300 and FreeRide. =Doug
  3. dougrender

    Dubois Wyoming

    Thanks, Scoutin!
  4. dougrender

    Albany Wyoming riding/camping?

    It will be snowed-in in "the spring". My wife is a pretty good rider, but I sure as hell don't take her to Albany. Lots of more forgiving single track elsewhere. =Doug
  5. dougrender

    Riding in Taylor Park, CO

    uh...avoid Timberline, Star and Waterfall...Flag, Reno, Deadmans, Bear Creek are single track they may be able to handle. Buy a map.
  6. dougrender

    Relocating to Denver Area - Advice?

    Negative. Closed indefinately. No one ever characterized it as "great" though. I hope you own a trailer and tow vehicle. That's how I get by...
  7. dougrender

    Taylor Park Trail Conditions?

    Flag, Reno Ridge, Rose Bud, Deadman, Bear Creek all good to go. Docter park from Matchless towards Dinner Station. Some deadfall needs chainsaw. I rode them last week. Check the GOATS on Facebook for best info. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Gunnison-Valley-OHV-Alliance-of-Trailriders-The-GOATs/115853601834310 And crontribute $. Word is star trail and lillipond are good, but I didnt ride. 648 connector is clear. Star Pass may be passable with one or so snow banks. Part of Doubletop may be snow blocked. Be careful crossing Cement Creek. Water is moving fast. =Doug
  8. dougrender

    Sugarloaf / Switzerland trails

    Switzerland Trail is a misnomer. It's an old railroad grade. You could drive a Prius down most of it. There is not legal single track in the area. You should join http://www.bouldercountytrailriders.com/ if you are interested in riding in Boulder County. =Doug
  9. I don't know about prolonged street use, but for trail riding i run 13PSI in my rear trials. I have only pinched it once in ~4 years. I have run the IRC, Michelin and Pirelli. Hated the Pirelli. Compound is too hard. IRC was favorite until I tried the Michelin this year. Will stick with that. Traction of the IRC but seems to wear longer. Trials are not very good in heavy sand or mud. But most of Moab is rock, where they excel. If you are only going 10 miles on pavement at 40mph, should be fine, in my experience. You're coming all the way from OH. Might I suggest you trailer to the good stuff? =Doug
  10. dougrender

    Best winter riding spots in CO/UT?

    Thanks for input on Kremmling. I thought it might be some kind of winter gem, but sounds like not so much. =doug
  11. dougrender

    Best winter riding spots in CO/UT?

    How about the area bordering Kremmling--Wolford Mountain? Does it stay dry through the winter? =Doug
  12. dougrender

    Taylor Park Trails - now closed

    The one that is still open is Hunter Creek. Don't forget the GOATs if you like riding in Taylor. I ran into Doug, the club president last Sunday on Deadman's and gave them a small donation. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Gunnison-Valley-OHV-Alliance-of-Trailriders-The-GOATs/115853601834310 =Doug
  13. dougrender

    New to CO

    Be sure to join http://www.bouldercountytrailriders.com/ You can meet some Boulder locals and folks to ride with. I live near downtown. Hit me up if you want to grab a beer some time. My wife and I trailer out of Boulder most weekends. =Doug
  14. dougrender

    Need advice on 3 day trip for novice

    Alpine loop is not good for the GF. Lots of better choices.
  15. dougrender

    Gold Lake/Jamestown trails

    Next meeting, Thursday June 21st at 5:00pm. Boulder Ranger District Office, 2140 Yarmouth Ave, Boulder 303-541-2500. Agenda: 1) Schedule next meeting - All 2) Grants Jenny Creek Re-Route (Bev) - Build new road above Jenny Creek that will bypass private property. 3) Adopt-A-Road Projects / Volunteer Projects Spring Gulch/Bell Gulch (Colleen/Naomi) - Sign monitoring. Lefthand Canyon Cleanup (Dave) - Sep 29, 9am to noon. Lefthand Plan (Cat) - Status. Ice Spider FR??? Fireman's Ladder FR??? (Cat) - winch anchors. Post and Cable decision for district (Cat) - Decision? Gillespie Gulch (Adam) - Open? Status on Allenspark shooting closure (Cat) - Decision? Lefthand Project (Adam) - May 19, 9am. Repaired 5-Points kiosk. Caribou FR505 (Stan) - City of Boulder, fencing needed. Review June 16. Kingston Peak FR353 (Stan) - Jun 1, review. Jenny Creek FR502.3 (Marco) - Aug 18 cleanup/signing. Sep 20 repair work. Middle St. Vrain FR114 (Adam) - Project review May 26, 10am parking lot. Obstacle Project June 9, 9am. Middle St. Vrain (Adam) - Seasonal opening, tree removal, water bar work June 23-24, 9am. Park Creek FR203 T-33 crash site interpretive sign (Dave) - Review Jun 22. 4) Motorized Trail Projects - (Bill H/Dave K) Lefthand Motorcycle Trails (Dave) - Water bar project Apr 21. Ub-c Open (Dave) - Route number, name. Bark Beetle Training (Cat) - New required training video for all volunteers on National Forest projects. http://www.wlrv.org/community/leader-resources.html Any new issues or concerns to work on, or Forest Service projects related to Boulder Ranger District motorized recreation. - All Forest Service projects list are online at http://www.fs.fed.us/sopa/state-level.php?co Scroll down to find the forest your interested in. --------------------------------------------- On Hold till 2013: Coney Creek FR507 Sink hole user routes project. Castle Gulch volume/route control - projects with land owners.
  16. dougrender

    Ride Eagle/Vail/Summit area?

    Either of you guys up for this area this weekend? I'd like to look around Red Whit and Blue but have never been. dougrender @ yahoo.com -Doug
  17. dougrender

    Gold Lake/Jamestown trails

    Hi mine-man. I'd never discourage any individual from pestering the NFS individually. Have at them. We'd appreciate having you and your Ned/Gilpin buddies as part of our group, too. I went to many of the MVUM meetings. The measure was not "if a trail existed". The measure was if the trail had a marker/sign on it. No marker/sign, no inclusion on the MVUM, no matter how historical, well established or well used. So although not signed "no motos" (yet) , those trails were taken off the table when the MVUM was finalized. The real hurdle to "new" trails (even if they are simply designations to existing trails) is the environmental impact studies that are required. -Doug
  18. dougrender

    Gold Lake/Jamestown trails

    HI- You should join http://www.bouldercountytrailriders.com/ We are the group that represents riders' interests to the Boulder Ranger District. It there were legit conversations with them about "west mag" we would be part of the conversation. Unfortunately, we know how difficult it would be to get any of that "zoned" as motorcylce permitted. It's a very long haul, but it's something we would support. I don't know that a mention at a Ned town hall meeting is sufficient support, or at the right level. I miss most Ranger District meetings myself, but someone from BCTR is always present. I am hard pressed to believe it will ever be high on their agenda if we dont' know about it. But I learn something new every day. For the record, the rank and file at the BRD love us. We run sound check days. We clean up the bullshit mess at the shooting range most years. We spend a Saturday rebuilding water bars etc. on the 7 miles of single track we have at LHOHV. We have worked very hard thge past 3 years to become the legittimate voice of dirtbikes in Boulder County. We need your energy and participation. Membership is free. If you have the energy, we'll make you an officer! Lennie is the only Ned local I ever knew, and he gave up moto many years ago as far as I know. But we would love local knowledge to be part of our group. Our moderated google group is the only place safe from the public to talk of such trails, by the way. I encourage you not to post on a public forum about social trails etc. I have run into too many clueless Denverites on bikes up there that don't know or care for the regulations. Rogue riders do not help our cause. If it's not on the MVUM, it's not ridable. Period. Though I might know some guys who know a guy who knows all that shit. And of course he is pissed because he knows dirtbikes burned all that trail and now the mountain bike guys have coopted it as their own Private Idaho and want us off. That's how they drive the wedge. First they say it's motorized travel, and the mountainbikes are OK if they side against us, next it's all "mechanized" travel, and guess what, now the wedge is the hikers and equestrians. Finally, no one is allowed and you can rent the DVD if you want to experience your national forest. Sorry to rant. Not directed at you. But these are the facts. Join http://www.bouldercountytrailriders.com/ -Doug
  19. dougrender

    RIP Rich

    I have my story about meeting Rich and 3 picts at advrider.com http://www.advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?p=18265617#post18265617 Good rider. Good companion on the trail. Good man. -Doug
  20. dougrender

    Camp Hale area

    That's a bummer but don't let it dampen her enthusiasm for riding!
  21. dougrender

    Camp Hale area

    No single track that I am aware. Be advised that some of the dirt roads are quite steep and may not be to your wife's liking.
  22. dougrender

    Looking for riding buddies (boulder area)

    http://www.bouldercountytrailriders.com/ is a good group for you to join as well.
  23. dougrender

    Willow Creek/Snyder creek

    And reasonably dry? I don't want to go tear things up if it's really wet. -Doug
  24. dougrender

    Ride Eagle/Vail/Summit area?

    How's your weather looking for this weekend? I may come out that way, a little further west, this memorial day weekend. Hit me up if it looks clear and you'd like someone to ride with. dougrender @ yahoo .com works best