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  1. MT_Rider

    Moving to Wyoming or montana. Have questions.

    Grew up in Bozeman, had to leave to find work (engineer, moved to NY, it sucks)! Bozeman has changed drastically since the 90's, it has been found and everyone is moving in. Unfortunately only those with money can afford it and have started to push those who grew up there out towards Belgrade or Manhattan/Three Forks. The locals can be down right rude and bitter to outsiders for this reason, so be careful when you tell someone you are from the east. You may get told to GTFO, which is unfortunate because it's a beautiful place. As has been mentioned, the riding is great, but you have to know where to look. The Forrest service has great maps on legal trails but you will need local knowledge on which ones are good, and everyone wants to keep the good ones hidden (Bridgers, Gallatin Ranges). I am from Bozeman but won't be moving back anytime soon, I am looking towards Idaho, or Northern MT. Avoid the craziness in Bozeman and the $700k three bedroom houses.
  2. MT_Rider

    Riding with glasses

    I've been riding with glasses for years, never experienced them vibrating. I have more problems with it being too tight with my helmet and goggles. Had to switch glasses to a smaller frame so they would fit under the goggles. Perhaps try changing brands or putting a non skid tape on the pads of your glasses.
  3. MT_Rider

    Lugging 300 xc

  4. MT_Rider

    Break in procedure on a new bike

    What manual are you reading? Tear the motor apart after break in and replace the top end? Ummm no. Motoman method all the way.
  5. MT_Rider

    Any riders in the NY Capital District?

    I think that weekend would work for me, I can bring an extra who lives near Troy as well.
  6. MT_Rider

    Any riders in the NY Capital District?

    Where are your trails located?
  7. MT_Rider

    Any riders in the NY Capital District?

    I am a member at Catra but got bored after a year there. I'd be up for a grand tour.
  8. MT_Rider

    Any riders in the NY Capital District?

    I'm in the Scotia area and have a plated xcw and dr650. Been trying to find legal trails since I moved here.
  9. MT_Rider

    Any Freeride 250R owners out there

    I've ridden one pretty extensively and can say I look forward to getting back on my bike at the end of the day. If you really are only going to use it for tight mountain single track it would be a great bike. But anything over third gear and you start to over ride it. I have taken the freeride up some pretty rocky stuff and it perfomed great, better than my 300. But for an all around bike, you will bottom out the suspension and ask for more power than it has. But like I said, great bike for only slow switchbacking single track.
  10. I almost garentee the aluminum sleeve was the problem. You are making it so only a very small portion of the bar is taking the entire force of the impact. If wild would have had bark busters on in that crash the bar would not have been able to flex over the entire length, just at the connection on the bar. Of course it would have snapped. I was under the impression TE had a disclaimer stating this.
  11. MT_Rider

    rim spokes

    Ktm says 6 Nm, which isn't a whole lot. I check mine about once a month.
  12. MT_Rider

    2013 Husaberg TE 300 T-stat?????

    Most people take it out. I leave mine in for winter so my bike warms up quicker.
  13. You'd have to hit the tire just right exactly on the bead lock and be running no pressure. I've never seen it. Tubliss still has a beadlock. Looks a little different from regular ones but it's still there.
  14. MT_Rider

    Wouldn't it be classic Dungey?

    Good thing et crashed on purpose to hand dungey the championship. It's not about who's fastest, it's about who's the most consistent.
  15. My question would be how do you hang onto the bar when using your whole hand for the clutch? Your thumb must be a beast.