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  1. The scale was zeroed with the straps on it.
  2. This is why I am concerned about ready to ride weight. 2016 Yamaha YZ450FX with a 2016 full carbon fiber Yeti MX snow kit in a 120. 302 lbs.:
  3. 2016 Yamaha YZ450FX full of fuel and ready to ride:
  4. I am trying to compare a snow only bike to a dirt only bike. Can anyone post up a picture of a dirt only piston with 60 hours on it? I am not looking for one that failed. I am looking for a few pics of one that was changed due to maintenance. I did my first top end on my 2015 Yamaha YZ450F and was truly surprised how well the piston looked at 60 hours.
  5. Meet Batman!! 2015 Yamaha YZ450F, CMX BK 137 snow kit, KMS turbo w 10lbs of boost.
  6. Thay make great snow bikes!!!!
    Reacts awesome on the pipe.
    Rides so much like wheels on snow!!!
  7. 3 reviews

    PRODUCT DETAILS Kit bolts to your bike with no modifications Most kits require a 13 tooth engine sprocket Kit comes completely assembled and ready to install Kit includes everything needed to convert your dirt bike to a snow bike Standard kit color is satin black.
    Turbo charged KMS Turbo, making 103hp. Timbersled LT
    I love railing around on the bike with a Timbersled SX kit.
    Can't wait to put the Timbersled on it!!!
  8. 2009 FE570 turbo 103hp at the rear wheel at 10psi of boost.