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  1. This is Australia's most notorious forest, 8 brutal murders in total, lets hope there is no more…. End of year ride put on by one of our forum members from dirtbikeworld.net
  2. DT200-2-THE-MAX

    Yamaha DT200 2 Stroke restoration Video!

    No it is not for sale..
  3. Hope you enjoy it, it is Australia's best DT200 until i see a better one. My brother has a business and did all the work. Cheers
  4. DT200-2-THE-MAX

    Yamaha Restoration!

    Won't find better…...
  5. DT200-2-THE-MAX

    Yamaha DT200 2 Stroke restoration Video!

    This is us riding them at our local riding area
  6. DT200-2-THE-MAX

    Yamaha DT200 2 Stroke restoration Video!

    Thanks for the kind words everyone! The bikes make about 33hp when new, this one is rebuilt with Boysen reeds and a few chamber/silencer mods so hopefully it makes at least 33hp or more!
  7. Hope you enjoy the video, my brother restored this bike by himself, until i see a better one, this is Australia's best DT200!
  8. DT200-2-THE-MAX

    Yamaha DT200 2 Stroke Expansion Chamber mod, How-To video

    Now that would be sweet!
  9. These pipes are pretty chocked up and quiet, this mod fixes that and improves sound. USA didn't get these bikes, but they are closely related to the WR200. This video includes everything you need to know. Hopefully some of you find this video i put together interesting, cheers and thanks for looking!
  10. DT200-2-THE-MAX

    Yamaha DT200 2 Stroke Expansion Chamber mod, How-To video

    My brother had the KTM 200 and i personally didn't like riding it, it was a bit full-on power wise, also the ergonomics are very alien to people like me that like jap bikes. I would like to have a ride of the GasGas though..
  11. DT200-2-THE-MAX

    Yamaha DT200 2 Stroke Expansion Chamber mod, How-To video

    If only Yamaha would make a brand new version of this bike they'd sell a packet of them! Unfortunately, we only get 2 options, WR250F or WR450F!
  12. DT200-2-THE-MAX

    Yamaha DT200 2 Stroke Expansion Chamber mod, How-To video

    Thanks, yeah i think i did from the limited amount of time I've had on the bike so far it does feel like it revs up a fair bit quicker. As for exact power, we'll never know!
  13. Not too sure if this is in the right spot? Let me know, hope some people find it worth watching, as i enjoyed making it!
  14. DT200-2-THE-MAX

    DT200 Rebuild Video!

    I dont think you guy's got these DT's in the states, but we got them in Australia and we love them! Anyway rather then post up a whole heap of pictures, i stitched it all together in a cool video with music, so sit back and enjoy! Anyway here's how the bike looks as off yesterday...
  15. DT200-2-THE-MAX

    DT200 Rebuild Video!

    Bit of an update after a couple of PMs asking if the motor held up. Still going strong, put about 250 kms on it since it's second rebuild. Cheers
  16. DT200-2-THE-MAX

    I wanna see more NON-Go-Pro vids!

    Check out my vid, also filmed with a GoPro, but edited the hell out of it so it's got a bike in it the whole time and speed up the 'boring' bits to keep it interesting
  17. Our first off road ride for quite some time, well over a year! Had a ball getting back into it, hope you enjoy the video, fully edited for your enjoyment!
  18. A quick compilation i threw together of me and some friends riding up in the blue mountains in NSW Australia back in 2009 on my old WR250F, the video quality isn't the best but i think you will enjoy watching it as it's quite good and there isn't really any boring bits, it's been edited properly!
  19. DT200-2-THE-MAX

    KTM,Yamaha and Honda Trail ride fun!

    It's good aye!
  20. DT200-2-THE-MAX

    Some big mean Aussie jumps

    Agreed, top little track!
  21. DT200-2-THE-MAX

    Classic bike video i put together!

    Thanks! Don't forget to 'like' lol
  22. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P56KkgOmwPg Bet theres a bike in there your dad used to own!!!
  23. My bike never pops the front when i ride it, but it did for my friend who has had his DT200 for around 16 years.. Guess i'm not revving it hard enough!
  24. DT200-2-THE-MAX

    Post your pics of your kids with their bikes

    Get stuffed.