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  1. JJetmar

    2013-14 footpeg mounts

    Hey can you lower the footpegs on the 250 like you can on the 450? Thanks
  2. JJetmar

    Rd. 2 Thunder Valley - Lucas Oil MX Nationals

    Ok, I may be late finding this out, but i cant watch the first moto on allisports without having a NBCsports account with my provider????? &%$#@!? I hope im wrong but please someone tell me if I am. And if im not wrong thanks alot MXsports!
  3. JJetmar

    Ride Eng 20mm triple clamp

    Im interested if you still have them. Let me know. thanks
  4. JJetmar

    north west, ludington MI area riding

    Wow great info, sounds like a fun place! We live in the middle of now where in Va and like it quiet (except when riding at the house) so we will be used to nothing going on in the winter. We do MX mostly, but I have fun in the woods as well! I do agree about the dunes, we were up last Aug. and I checked it out and thought it was just to chaotic. Now let me ride there when its empty and Id have a blast. We will have a track at the house for practice and from what I see we can hit about a dozen tracks to race within 1hr to 3.5 hrs away. Not too bad. Headed up in Jan to look at some houses from eaton rapids to Kalamazoo up to ludington and Big rapids and in between. Thanks for the info.
  5. JJetmar

    north west, ludington MI area riding

    Ok thats not too bad, If i can get 8 out of 12 months ill be happy with that. As long as i can get changed in the garage before the ride, I can handle some sloppy and cold days. Thanks Also I figure if you get a year with heavy snow Ill try a snow mobile.
  6. JJetmar

    north west, ludington MI area riding

    Thanks looks great! any word on the length of the riding season?
  7. Hey Folks, Im thinking of relocating the family to Ludington, MI. What could i expect as far as riding through out the year? It looks like the soil is a sandy mix. Does it freeze soild and can it be ripped in the winter if you dont have any snow cover? And how about snow, how much and what months? We ride MX and will have enough land to have a little private practice track for the week but like to go out to the tracks on the weekends to race or practice. From what it looks like I should expect anywhere from a 1hr to 3+hrs drive. Are any of the tracks open year long? What about woods riding? Looks like there is some nice national forests around there as well. Thanks for the info.
  8. JJetmar

    hard starting 2009... fixed!

    Well mine only started to have starting problems at around 90 hrs. before that it was fine.
  9. JJetmar

    hard starting 2009... fixed!

    Myself, I ended up putting in a new fuel pump and that worked great! I can finally start the bike again on 3 kicks!!!!!!!!!!
  10. JJetmar

    hard starting 2009... fixed!

    Great! Did you get the oem cam or aftermarket? Will the cam come ready for the 09 or will I have to remove the pin from the 09 to use in the newer model? Thanks
  11. JJetmar

    hard starting 2009... fixed!

    Ok guys thanks for the info. I will look into getting the new cam
  12. JJetmar

    hard starting 2009... fixed!

    anybody have any feed back? It seems like all the "hard starting" threads dont have any conclusions about what fixed the problem. I have done everything short of a new fuel pump or cam. thanks
  13. JJetmar

    hard starting 2009... fixed!

    When you finally would get it started would it start just fine after that, as long as the bike didnt sit for more than say 30 min? Thats what mine has been doing and I was just about to order a fuel pump for my 09 and now im confused! By the way mine takes about 25 to 50 kicks to get it started for the first time in the day but starts 3rd kick once I got it started for the first time.
  14. JJetmar

    07 crf450 to ktm 350

    I borrowed a 350 for a day and tested with lap times. I rode the 350 for hours making changes to the suspension and over all setup, but when I got back on my 09 honda 450 on the second lap I was 2 sec.(on a 1 min lap track) faster on the honda. I really was hoping that the KTM would be closer but it wasnt. My Opinion is that on top end power the KTM was every bit as fast as the Honda, but it took longer to get to the top end power. Other than that and the weight (lifting it was like lifting the honda after a very very muddy clay practice) I really enjoyed the KTM.
  15. JJetmar

    09 Condenser unit terminal ripped off...

    Do you still have the gray terminal? I pulled the wires out of mine while rushing to take the subframe off and had to push the female ends along with the little plunger back in. But I was told if I wanted the terminal that I had to buy the WHOLE wiring assembly that would cost me around 285 bucks!