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  1. duckboy

    When its cold are you suppose to run your bike richer

    Fuel injected four strokes are wonderful. FCR carburetors have a million adjustments and after markets parts you can put on with even more adjustments. This is all because they are way more finicky. I've got a power now, JD jetting kit, a huge starting jet and an adjustable fuel screw. Now 8 basically just have to turn the fuel screw a half turn out in the winter to be in the ball park to ride in the snow. But I do have to pre heat the engine oil if it gets below 0f at night. I've got a crankcase heater now.
  2. duckboy

    When its cold are you suppose to run your bike richer

    The pros actually use a jetting tool which is esentially a barometer to calculate what jetting to use. Ive definitely noticed my jetting going to hell right in the middle of an enduro because a storm came in. But that was actually a four stroke which is way more finicky. My two strokes are very forgiving, I just run them a little rich in the summer.
  3. duckboy

    split cases on 150sx now have small mystery part.

    That looks exactly like the bushing from inside the geared transmision shaft that the clutch disengagement shaft runs through. It goes into the shaft with the flat side out and countersunk about an eighth of an inch on the left side. You should be able to put it back in by taking of the clutch actuators 3 bolts and not have to even take the engine out or drain the oil.
  4. duckboy

    Recent MI ORV Legislation

    Let's not forget that we can't ride trails that pass through national forests until the government reopens. Remember to check your state atlas before you plan a trip.
  5. duckboy

    Whitetrash hare scramble?

    This is the first year for the colored stickers. They had us put a letter on our helmets up until this year, I apologize for the confusion. Unfortunately I've only been able to get to an enduro so far this year, but I'm sure they supply these fancy new colored stickers at sign up. It does make sense, the letter often got covered up by the goggle strap and at 3x3 the color would be more visible.
  6. duckboy

    Bike rental?

    http://www.eaglerider.com/location-details.aspx?ComponentID=23755 Eagle rider.com has some bikes for rent. This one is SW of Lansing. It looks like they have crf250's.
  7. duckboy

    Whitetrash hare scramble?

    Quads and peewees are usually in the morning. Big bikes usually start by noon. You'll need numbers and letters on your bike and helmet, so take a roll of electrical tape. Duct tape is also good since you'll need to tape a transmitter under the visor of your helmet for scoring. It looks like a blank white credit card. You can pick your class when you get there and don't forget a check book since it'll be easier.
  8. duckboy

    Cedar Creek Trail

    Rode Cedar Creek before dawn. It wasn't bad with the studded tires. It's actually kind of nice how wide and straight it is in the snow.
  9. duckboy

    Cedar Creek Trail

    I'll be giving Cedar Creek a go to his weekend unless someone else wants to try a tighter trail with me. Does anyone know what the snow conditions are on the trail?
  10. duckboy

    Winter bikers sound off!

    I'm planning on go to Valley Trail Riders winter ride this Sunday. It should be fun since the trail is tight but gets the snow cleared off pretty quick with all those bikes.
  11. duckboy

    where to ride?

    The Mounds, near Flint, is the closest place to ride near the Detroit area. It's a scramble area with a little bit of quad trail.
  12. Don't forget about the winter hare scrambles. Studs or no studs it doesn't matter the ground gets cleared to the dirt with all of the bikes. It looks like Valley Trail Riders are putting on two. http://valleytrailriders.tripod.com/
  13. duckboy

    Evart trail

    The dents do come out if you know somebody who can do it. Some dealers have a guy or you can send them away. TheY don't have to be pretty since you're just gonna bend it up again.
  14. duckboy

    Trail condition update - West and East side

    http://www.michigan.gov/dnr/0,1607,7-153-10365_15070-38330--,00.html Denton Leota is close with some short loops, but keep in mind everything in Michigan is sandy.
  15. duckboy

    What is needed to plate dirt bike in Michigan

    If it has a screen it will be stamped on the outside 'USFS approved'.