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  1. AlloyToy

    What's This 2003 XR650L Worth?

    Awesome!!!! Good luck with her
  2. AlloyToy

    What's This 2003 XR650L Worth?

    Actually no.......it was a couple years ago in July. I mainly use it for my commute to work, and playing off road on the weekends. i like to ride the fire roads, and old logging roads in the woods. I put Renthal bars on it, new bark guards, did the carb mods and uncorked the heavy slob!! Today I should receive my Clarke tank, and my Seat Concepts foam/seat Bikes are a lot of fun but i made the mistake of testing a Triumph XcX which I really love!!! At my age I'm done with the extreme riding
  3. AlloyToy

    What's This 2003 XR650L Worth?

    Bought my stock 2004 with 4500 miles for $2400.00
  4. AlloyToy

    2007 YZ125 Shifter Locked

    Son was out practicing yesterday. Shut bike off to take a break. Fired it up and the tranny is locked in first gear. Will not shift at all. Bike fires up fine just nothing more than first gear. Where would one begin? Thinking of pulling the clutch to start
  5. AlloyToy

    KX100 Jetting

  6. AlloyToy

    KX100 Jetting

    Thanks for the help SAPPERS I only did a google search and nothing popped up I actually found some Pro Circuit info online. Their chart says keep the main jet (138) the same, and change the pilot jet from a 45 to a 42 and change to clip position 2. What does changing the clip position actually do?? http://www.procircuit.com/jettingspecs2.htm
  7. AlloyToy

    KX100 Jetting

    Son has a 2007 KX100. He is in the process of installing a Pro Circuit Platinum pipe on the bike. Been years since I worked on 2 strokes but I'm wondering if he will have to re-jet the bike for the new exhaust? Are there any additional adjustments that should be made? Thanks in advance for the help.
  8. Picked up this helmet at Revzilla for my AM commute to work (getting old I guess). Overall pretty impressed with the helmet. My first choice has always been HJC but they don't offer a dualsport style helmet with the flip up shield. The helmet sizing is big. I wear an XL in the HJC and a large fit just fine. Much quieter than the MX style full face I use to use for my commute. Weather was 39 degrees and the ventilation was just enough to minimize the fogging and allow adequate air flow. The strap is a bit different than what I've been use to, but works just fine. Overall for the money I don't think it's a bad choice in a helmet. If I did longer commutes/trips I would probably go for the higher end style helmet but for my 17 mile country side commute the fit and functionality of this DOT helmet is more than adequate.
  9. AlloyToy

    where did you put your hour meter?

    We mounted ours on the side of the frame near the headset with a heavy duty adhesive....
  10. AlloyToy

    Adios, Amigos! And THANKS!

    Let us know how it handles the trails New here myself but good luck man be safe
  11. AlloyToy

    What did you do to your pig today?

    Dave's carb mods.....all I can say is WOW
  12. AlloyToy

    Non CA Hose Question

    Another picture and you can see hose #23 but it shows it going no where
  13. AlloyToy

    Non CA Hose Question

    Anyone have a hose diagram for a 2004 XR650L?? I have a black hose ass'y which has a "Y" and goes down through the swing arm..........one hose from the Y is connected to the left side of the carb....I'm unsure where the other hose goes?? (pic enclosed)
  14. AlloyToy

    Pig Vids - Post'em Up

    ^^^^^^^^Good stuff right there!! Awesone tunes
  15. AlloyToy

    Sutton Cyle works oil cooler on XR650L

    What are you running for oil??