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  1. lpr23

    FE 250 brake pedal

    Yeah the brake pedal tip, my bad.
  2. lpr23

    FE 250 brake pedal

    I replaced the stock brake pedal with the Enduro Engineering brake pedal because it was larger and only cost like $25. I have put several hours on it and I haven't had any issues with it hitting anything.
  3. lpr23

    Riding near Abilene

    Well unfortunately there is really no place in Abilene to ride offroad without being a member of a club. The closest place to ride that is not a track and doesn't require a membership is in San Angelo which is about an hour and a half southwest of Abilene.
  4. lpr23

    Should I get a Husqvarna FE 250 or 350?

    I recently moved from a 2013 KTM 2T 250 to an 2018 FE 350, I ride almost 100 percent single track but I wanted something I could take to the mountains and link up trails from the road. I have to say I am very impressed with 350, it feels just as light as my 250 2T on trails and has much more torque and linear power. Also you wont necessarily need to purchase the Vortex or de-smog it immediately, ride it first and then figure out what you want to do to the bike.
  5. lpr23

    My new FE fender installed

    I installed the Sicass tail light and blinkers this weekend, overall fairly easy except for the blinkers which took me longer than I expected.
  6. lpr23

    My new FE fender installed

    Okay awesome thanks for the feedback!
  7. lpr23

    My new FE fender installed

    Did you have to install the Sicass LED flasher relay?
  8. lpr23

    My new FE fender installed

    I just got the sicass tail light for my 18' fe350 as well, how was the installation? any issues?
  9. lpr23

    2019 Honda CRF450X

    This is better than Christmas morning!
  10. lpr23

    West Texas Riding/Racing??

    Riding Areas around Amarillo: There are a few places to ride in the Amarillo area, the most popular is the Canadian River which is just north of Amarillo by 20-30 minutes because it is easy to access they get a wide variety of offroad enthusiasts. The other close place is Lake MacKenzie (1 hour and 15 minutes away) which offers a lot of single track and technical trails. There is also a place east of Amarillo called Lake Mcclellan Recreation Area . All of these places require you to have a Texas OHV sticker which can be purchased from either Sharps or David Browns Sports Center in Amarillo. Below I have posted links for each of the described areas. Canadian River- https://www.riderplanet-usa.com/atv/trails/info/texas_01739/ride_09f4.htm Lake MacKenzie- https://www.riderplanet-usa.com/atv/trails/info/texas_03195/ride_5513.htm Lake Mcclellan- https://www.riderplanet-usa.com/atv/trails/info/texas_03196/ride_8e4f.htm Racing Around Amarillo: A lot of the series take a break for summer due to the heat and dry conditions of the surrounding area, below are some links to some race series. http://www.wtxrc.net/2017-2018-championship http://www.tscec.org/2018-enduro-schedule/ http://www.torcsracing.com/home.php http://www.bowersmx.com/Bowers_MX_Racing.htm
  11. I thought it was a great edit!
  12. lpr23

    Single track in Texas ?

    Well, the closest 4 clubs are The "Permian Basin Motorcycle Association" which is located in fluvanna, tx (in between Post and Snyder) I believe they are accepting new members at the time, their website is http://www.pbmaoffroad.org/. The second club is the "boondockers" in Matador, TX their website is http://wtbd.info/. this club is located on a ranch 14 miles north of matador. The third is the Lubbock Trail Riders whose club is located out by Kalgary, TX. Their website is http://www.lubbocktrailriders.net/. And the 4th club (the one I am a part of) is the Post Enduro Association located in Turkey, Tx. Their website is http://www.postenduroassociation.org/. This club butts right up to the Caprock Canyon state park and has some of the best views in the state of Texas (in my opinion) All 4 of these clubs are a part of TSCEC (Texas State Championship Enduro Circuit) league and will expect you to help with their enduro race each year. Some clubs make it mandatory and others do not. I cant say that I know the fees to each club but they are some where between $300-$600 a year per family. I believe each one of these clubs have a facebook page as well that you can search for. If want to see the type of terrian at each place I bet you could do youtube search of each place and there will be some results from the races they put on each year.
  13. lpr23

    Single track in Texas ?

    If you were planning on moving to west Texas or the panhandle of Texas you would be in better luck for single track. There are four different enduro clubs surrounding the Lubbock and Amarillo area that have great trails. Plus there is three (maybe four areas) OHV parks that you can access. I know there has been some people say that the riding here sucks (especially if you live in the heavy populated areas) but honestly out of all the places to ride in the country the Texas panhandle has some of the best riding around. I think a lot of it depends on where you live in Texas.
  14. lpr23

    Weird knocking noise

    I couldn't tell to be honest. I have noticed that it only does it if it has not ran in a while. I will check it again this weekend to make sure. Thanks for your input.