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  1. kpicha

    New Thumpette born

    OH my goodness, she really is tiny and very beautiful! Congrats to the proud Grandpa! and your daughter looks great after just having given birth. I just had my 5th 3 weeks ago and I still don't look that rested. Although, my daughter came out a little bigger at 8lbs 2oz.-she's quite an eater and keeping me up alllll night.
  2. kpicha

    I murdered a ninja because that's how I roll!

    I kicked my brother b/c I'm sexy and I do what I want. These are too funny! My husband had to kiss a goat b/c he had to poop.
  3. kpicha

    5 Miles of Hell and one bad nightmare

    Good grief!! Sure sounds like alot more than 5 miles of hell!! Thank God Karl didn't jump when your trailer jack-knifed and nothing too major happened. I would have felt totally pressured with all the bike issues and holding everyone up. That was definitely some amazing riding, though! Impressive!
  4. kpicha

    KTM Demo Days

    Like a mountain bike, huh? :-) That's what I wanted to hear. How tall is your wife? I started on a KX100 and that was like a mountain bike but it was too small (I'm 5'4" with long legs). I'm leaning more and more towards the 200 with a rekluse and getting it lowered.
  5. kpicha

    KTM Demo Days

    Yeah, I'd definitely be interested in the '07WR, too if I knew that it was easier to handle than the '05. I really loved the motor and suspension on the '05. Have you had a chance to ride an '07 yet to compare? I'd be interested in hearing about that if you have.
  6. kpicha

    KTM Demo Days

    What did you think of the handling of the KTM 200 and 250F XCW compared to your WR? I had an 05 WR and I loved everything about it except the weight-I had a hard time with changing direction quickly and am considering either the 200 XCW or 250F XCW. I know, they're completely different rides but maneuverability is going to my focus this time around.
  7. kpicha

    Moab ride report

    Great ride report! i don't know what it is but I love going up ledges on my mtn bike but its scares the bejeebies out of me to think about doing it on a dirtbike. That whole episodeof you falling 6 ft down with the bike right after freaks me out! I'm glad you didn't get hurt although, that poor little lizard didn't fare so well later on in the ride. That's pretty funny. :-)
  8. kpicha

    Gynecologist to Harley Mechanic

    LOL! Good one!
  9. kpicha

    new 2007 wr250f? what you think?

    Yeah, I'd like to know, too, a little more about how the '07 feels directly compared with an '05.
  10. kpicha

    Input on Wife's new bike

    My limited experience has been the exact same as Amanda's. I'm the same size, started out on a KX100 and switched to a WR250. If I felt too big for the KX which is the same size as the CRF150R, I'm positive your wife would. She's lucky she's that tall! The weight of the WR250 is too much for me now but the larger wheels, better suspension and roomier ergos made a world of difference in my confidence. I say go for a 250 , also and get it lowered.
  11. That gave me pre-race jitters and I haven't even raced before! Good stuff!
  12. kpicha

    Sad news about Gitch...

    Oh wow, I can't believe it- how sad especially since he was so young. He was such a nice guy.
  13. kpicha

    Enduro-trial bike, amazing !

    Does anyone know what the general quality of this brand is?
  14. kpicha

    New bike

    Yeah, I'm 5'4" also and had an '05 WR that I put a lowering link in. It definitely helped but it was still so heavy that trying to maneuver quickly was next to impossible. I'll be out of the riding scene for at least a year now (preggers) but I'm trying to keep in mind what to get next. :-)