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  1. YY4U

    2008 YZ450 e-start

    A shorter kicker may help, thanks for the tip. Anyone using one of these ? Opinions ?
  2. YY4U

    2008 YZ450 e-start

    I thought of that and still may. It will probably spoil the effect of the two tone on the seat but I may get a custom job done or get an all black or grey cover maybe. Thanks for the reminder !
  3. YY4U

    2008 YZ450 e-start

    I never considered WR'ing the YZ and vice versa when I was looking at purchasing initially....if I had I may have arrived at the same conclusion and opted for the WR and get the YZ parts...never thought that far ahead I guess ! We'll see how it goes, maybe I will get accustomed to starting and it won't be an issue after I figure out something that works for me. If I am lucky, maybe I post in the classifieds and find someone going the opposite way and we can help each other's costs a bit.
  4. YY4U

    2008 YZ450 e-start

    Depends on how much disposable income one has I suppose. I still think it is cheaper than "YZing" a WR. I honestly would not mind paying 1500-2000 to someone to roll my bike in w/o and roll it out with an e-start. Really though I have read a number of threads about people saying how easy it is to start a properly tuned YZ450 but it is just a stature thing for me. To get my foot on top of the kick start at TDC and have the other foot on the ground nearly takes my hip out of joint with my super short legs and I am flexible enough to nearly do the splits ! So it is not an effort thing, the conditioning will come, it is a physical limitation.
  5. I know this is going to ruffle some feathers but what would be involved in equipping said bike with a button ? Perhaps there are even kits out there, I do not know. I waffled on getting a WR but decided on the YZ KNOWING I would take it on the track and the WR is not really a track bike. As I am only 5'6" and quite out of shape at the moment I am finding the YZ hard to kick since my inseam is only 27" ! I bought a kickstand but I always feel like I am going to fall over the other direction when I start it on the stand. I strongly considered a KTM but they seem even taller when I sat on one at the dealer and I really wanted to stay blue - or I guess white in this case. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. YY4U

    07 YZ450 White/Grey Graphics

    Then you can trade me for a white or silver one Oh and if it is not too much trouble make sure it is for my weight....riiiiiiiight.
  7. YY4U

    07 YZ450 White/Grey Graphics

    I will check them out...thank you. Now just that red spring in the back....maybe I should spend less time looking and more time riding!
  8. Hey guys...I am picking up my '08 YZ450 (white) probably tomorrow. I want to get a more '07 look on the shrouds. I want to get rid of the red and stick to grey/black. Any suggestions ?
  9. YY4U

    Yamaha Raptor 660 Sprockets

    Hey guys (and girls). My newly acquired Raptor 660 is a little much to be chasing my son around on his Raptor 80 atm. It was suggested by my dealer that dropping to an 11tooth sprocket from the stock 13tooth would make a big difference. The main thing for me atm is that in 1st I always find myself clutching since he mainly stays in first gear. Also I am hoping that it will be a little more tame so I can more easily ride it up loading ramps. Anyone have any ideas if this will fit the bill ? Thanks for any input.
  10. YY4U

    YZM80 Question

    First a clarification, then a solution to my own problem in case others are having the same problem. The clarification is that the model I am spekaing of is a YFM80 aka Raptor 80 not a YZM80. The problem ended up being some moisture in the carb. Next the solution - there is a screw near the bottom of the carb by the fuel petcock that faces to the side. Loosening this screw allows you to drain the carb. Everything was/is fine after draining it. Hope this helps someone else besides me.
  11. YY4U

    YZM80 Question

    MotoXRob529, There is actually a throttle limiter screw like the PW50 but I wondered about the "baffle" you are referring to. I was not sure if it would help but I was planning to remove it and see what happened. Now I am FOR SURE going to try it Thanks for the encouragement.
  12. YY4U

    Yamaha YZM80 Question

    This seemed like the most appropriate place I could seek some information on my son's Raptor 80 (YFM80). It is about a week old and has been ridden only twice. Even after several minutes warm up and some riding, the bike requires the choke fully engaged or it dies. I have had to change a plug already since it was running so rich with the choke on. Any ideas about the root of the problem here ? Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  13. YY4U

    Extra fork springs anywhere?

    Hey I am one of those gorillas except I have springs in my 2001 YZ250F that were used by a 160lb guy. I need heavier springs like what you have. The only problem is that my suspension is pro-action and I do not know my springs would be compatible with your shocks and vice-versa. Can anyone help us out here ?
  14. Treehopper, That actually makes a lot of sense, I make try that next time. I will of course be checking the clearances but that is another possibility for me to keep in mind.
  15. I did none of the mods, I bought it all ready to go. It was owned by a racer who got a factory ride just before the season began so it was all dialed in before I sat on it. All the valve components were replaced last off season too so that is why I was suspicious that there may have been some wear in that area.