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  1. phantomrider101

    Does anyone know if ?

    i read that you can't do it without grinding on the cases.
  2. phantomrider101

    winter hare scrammble

    I raced last weekend and got way too hot after about 5 miles and my arms started to pump up. i got tired very very early in the race less than half a lap and ended up crashing and quiting after just one lap somthing very unusual for me. I was wearing long under wear, a sweater, jersey, and one of those Moose racing winter jackets. i think it was about 30 outside. i think i'm goin to wear less tight fitting clothes which should help the arm pump and maybe just a sweater and jersey. What does everyone else wear when there racing in cold weather????
  3. phantomrider101

    loretta lynns

    I'm planing on watching the Loretta Lynn's amateur national this year. Next year I'm going to try and race in the amateur national. i was wondering what all you have to do to qualify?
  4. phantomrider101

    lookin to make a yz125 a sweet trailbike

    When I had my CR85 we put on v force reeds and a fmf sst pipe and a spark arrester silencer. It make the powerband alot wider and alittle bit for easyer to control. I went down a tooth on the frount sprocket to help keep it on pipe in the nasty stuff, i dought you will need to change it that much may be go up a tooth or 2 on the back, remember to get a longer chain when you go up in teeth. Alot of off roaders over look gearing when they modifiy there bikes but it can help alot, its really cheap and it was prolly one of the best mods I made to my 85. Alot of people add flywheel weight to smooth out the power i never did that so i don't know how well it works but I heard it helps. Also look into skid plates, brake guards, pipe guards, barkbusters, getting your suspension revaled, and may be even a scotts steering damper depending on how much you want to spend they help more than you would think in the woods. I would get a x ring chain or some high quality standard chain with steel sprockets.
  5. phantomrider101

    new tires

    i ran a kenda southwick last season for the muddy races and it hooked up really well in the nasty muddy stuff and lasted pretty well. i got it from rocky mountain mc for 40 bucks.
  6. phantomrider101

    Blood blisters on my hands? WTF?

    your glover prolly have a seam where your hand blistered, run another par of gloves under them and it should stop them. If your hands are geting really sweaty try using anit presperation deoderant or baby powder or somthin sounds funny but i heard it works. And when you do get a blister pop it and put iodine in side it and it will heal up in about 2 days you might have to do it more than once. its the fastest way to get back to riding.
  7. phantomrider101

    Cutting new trails...

    i just got back from cutting trail today we use a 4 wheel drive four wheeler and an ax to cut are trails and then mark it with orange spray paint and orange ribbon. most of the time i don't have to mark the trail because there so tight and you can;t get though any where but that spot. We ride on privite land so four wheelers aren't a propblemthough i have caught a few. the land was striped mined about 20 years ago and there aren't many trees mostly just these nasty bushes i think there called russian olives. but i walk the trail most of the time when i'm cutin and just use the four wheeler to run over the small stuff so you really don't need a four wheeler and they can't make it up most of are hills . most of the races i've been to around tennisse are extremly open so it might be prosible to ride though and just mark the trail. i allways use axs because it help keep me in shape but a chain saw makes everything so much easyer.
  8. phantomrider101


    I've heard about the awrcs racing series and couldn't find a schedule on there website. Anyone raced any of there races or heard of them? Wouldn't mind seeing one of there schedules????? it sounds like a good series 3 hour + 1 lap races of all tight trails.
  9. phantomrider101

    Hill Climbs??

    You have to get a good start at it and keep up your speed going up. try to stay alittle forward, and if the bike starts to wheelie lean over the bars and/or back off on the throttle. it helps alot to get as much speed to hit the hill as possible. if its got alot of ruts stand up and try to get your front wheel over them and take the hit with your back, give it alittle gas and pull up alittle on the bars just enough so that the wheel doesn't go between the rut the chance are it will carry the front wheel over even if it is really muddyand your tire is spining, just be careful when you have traction. Also on the crf250x there is a pink wire you should cut to get more rpms out of the engine do a search on the crf250r/x page. I think you'll get about 1000 more rpms and you don't have to rejet. And becareful of hiting netral if you don't have a run at the hill, i have hit it before goin up a hill and it sucks!
  10. phantomrider101

    Crashed hard.....

    I'm no expert on jumping but if u know your goin to case try takin most of impact on the back wheel and stay on the gas. having your suspension set up for u is also good.
  11. phantomrider101


    Thanks for the help guys. I'm startin on the track this summer, when we get the dozer up to the field. I'll post some pics when i get the track done its goin to be sweet!!! I think i can get the tractor tires pretty easy movin them might be kinda hard but i'm sure i can get them up there. thank ya guys again
  12. phantomrider101

    Endurocross Endurocross

    Anyone seen this endurocross stuff it looks crazy. I'm thinkin about makin my own track, i everything i need to make one. You guys have any ideas for obstacles?????????????????????????????? ,besides logs, rocks, large logs, water pits, and large rocks There arn't many big trees around for logs so i think i'm goin to substitute them with some empty 40 gallon drums we have layin around. Anyother ideas???????????????
  13. phantomrider101

    Wont Start In Gear

    Hey were tryin to help this guy out about his bike, stick to the subject or start your own tread. The guy was obviously just kidding lets not get all sensitive. But anyways, the only way i can mine to start in gear is if i rock it back and forth to separte the clutch plates so there is less drag, find TDC and kick it hard. It also helps if u have a box or rock somthing to stand on. Sometimes it will start sometimes not. I get mine warmed up and use the hott start too. idk, i don't want to risk being left on the line and have to kick my bike a million times to get it started so i just leave in it neutral when starting.
  14. phantomrider101

    Wont Start In Gear

    Mine has never wanted to start in gear. I also ride hare scrammbles and have to start in neutral and shift in to 1st, it has never really been a proplem for me i normal get mid pack starts. I race the four stroke class and everyone i talk to does the samething. If your in a class with 2 strokes it is a disadvantage but its a long race and u can make up time u losted on the start.
  15. phantomrider101

    yz 250f vs crf 250r

    With the engine and transmision oil separate there is no chance of geting the engine oil contaminated but the honda has about half he amout of oil the yamaha has so you need to change it more. I race 2 hour hare scrammbles and change my engine oil after every race and the transmision after every other race. Oils cheap compared to what happens if you don't change it. Also the yamaha holds its oil in the frame which is another reason I got the honda. If you burn up a yamaha its hard to get all the metal particals out of the frame and you could waste your engine agian.