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  1. Kawi567

    KX250F 2012 Fuel or Engine?

    So I completed top/bottom end rebuild. Broke in the new top end at home with all new fluids and spark plug. Went to Blue Diamond MX park today for 1st ride, man was it hot and humid. The bike started on 3rd kick rode for 20 minutes all was good. Ditto for round two but the third time out the engine was acting up. It was backfiring on acceleration and decel, it would bog when you hit the throttle then suddenly rev, in higher gears it would sometimes have no throttle response. I am at a lost I didn't touch the fuel system during rebuild and before rebuild there was no problems. It sounds like EFI or old gas but then why was it OK for two thirds of day. Any suggestions?
  2. Kawi567

    KX250F 2012 Shifting Issues

    I did complete bottom end rebuild, new cases bearings etc... along with new cylinder & piston. After I put cases together I insert the shift drum cam with bolt and the gear shift lever with spring then manually spun the shift drum cam to see if it would go through the gears. Worked sweetly. Mounted engine put on covers and foot shifter. Went for ride found 2 big problems: 1) I can only get first and second gear. 2) The foot shifter doesn't spring back to a neutral position after you put in gear. Example if I put in first the foot shifter stays down, up to 2nd the shifter stays up. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also note I split the cases a second time to make sure the transmission was in correctly.
  3. Kawi567

    KX250F 2012 Push Rod Assembly Help

    Help Please!!! I have a 2012 KX250F. I had to do a top/bottom end rebuild. I lost the steel ball that goes with the push rod assembly. I ordered a new one, it's a 5/16" steel ball. I am like and hour away from being done rebuild. I have installed the clutch basket,plates and clutch hub nut. I inserted the push rod. Service manual says to insert the steel ball then the pushrod holder. If I do that the push rod holder projects out so far you can't get the pressure plate on. Is the ball supposed to fit inside the push rod holder? If so do I have to drive it in cause the last one fell out on its own? What am I doing wrong!!!
  4. Kawi567

    Eng/Trans Stiff Shifting

    I have a 2012 KX250F that up till now shifted pretty easily. Recently it seems shifting has become more difficult, like it's stiffer and I really have to pull up on the shifter to change gears. I tried making the clutch cable tighter show it pulled in more on the clutch but that really didn't seem to correct the problem. I always though clutch problems were more slippage related. Could this also be a clutch problem?