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  1. 350DirtRider

    PNW Helmet Cam Vids

    LOL Yes I was part of the PANTRA Ride (I'm the VP) but I got stuck babysitting the slow riders. The slow group never made it to Maiden Creek but the ones in the faster group told me about seeing you.
  2. 350DirtRider

    PNW Helmet Cam Vids

    Not that day but I still live in Athol and have ridden it a few times. It is a fun trail but I always warn people it's an intermediate trail going down but an advanced/expert trail going up from the beach (and you have to go up to get back out). They were working on getting a guy out that broke his leg coming back up on the day of the video ride.
  3. 350DirtRider

    PNW Helmet Cam Vids

    You actually ride through Bayview to get to the Trailhead. Most of the riding is on the other side of the lake at Gold Creek/Independence Creek. On the Bayview side of the lake the Trail goes from Bayview to Talache with two spur trails (Maiden Creek & Evans Landing). Maybe 35 miles one way and you have to take the same Trail back.
  4. 350DirtRider

    PNW Helmet Cam Vids

    First time on the restored Bayview trail after the logging wiped a good portion of the old trail out. We had several beginner riders so it was a "slow ride".
  5. 350DirtRider

    riding suggestions for a big loop of the PNW

    You're about right for Hayden and LPO on the number of days to cover a good portion of it. Make sure you get an oversized tank for that XTrainer or plan to carry gas. The average loops in the Gold Creek/Independence Creek (Hayden area) is 60 miles and you could easily do 100+ mile loops if you wanted to.
  6. 350DirtRider

    riding suggestions for a big loop of the PNW

    By that time of year virtually everything in the Gold Creek, Independence Creek, Horse Haven, and between Wallace to Avery will be cleared by then. Looking at PANTRA's trail clearing data (see link) for this year, most all the trails that needed cleared have been cleared at least once by then. I never carry a saw after the first of June unless I'm going to be riding remote trails or there was a specific report of a trail that needs cleared.
  7. 350DirtRider

    PNW Helmet Cam Vids

    This year's PANTRA Hell's Canyon Ride:
  8. 350DirtRider

    Picture Tread! Where did you all ride this weekend?

    Talache to the beach at Maiden Rock.
  9. 350DirtRider

    riding suggestions for a big loop of the PNW

    ITLKSEZ covered the riding in North Idaho fairly accurately except you shouldn't need a saw anywhere between Wallace and Avery in the St. Joe by July. Also, even though that area has more use than the Calder to Avery trails, it's still unlikely you'll see anybody on the trails other than maybe at the Cranky Gulch Trailhead just outside of Wallace. A good place to dry camp in that area with your rig would be the bottom part of Loop Creek Rd (NF-326). In the Gold Creek/Independence Creek area (Hayden, ID) the trails are overall easier then the St. Joe trails but, overall, the views aren't as good. The exceptions to the better views and difficulty factor would be Packsaddle and Green Monarchs in the Gold Creek area. Everything is subjective but Packsaddle has the best view around but is also the most difficult trail in North Idaho IMHO. Gold Creek Lodge is a good place to RV camp with full hookups and the Hudlow/Horse Haven area is a good place to dry camp. Another place you might want to look at in the area is LPO (Little Pend Oreille) in Eastern Washington. Overall, the trails are a little easier and faster flowing than the ones in Idaho but are still a ton of fun in beautiful country. Notable trails with things to see in LPO are Radar Dome and Granite Peak. Sherry Creek is a really nice campground for your RV, but you will need a WA. Discover Pass (DP). For dry camping without the need for a DP would be at the gravel pit near Beaver Lodge. One recommendation with your wife's Xtrainer is to get a bigger tank for it or you'll have to carry gas. Most of the good loops run 60 to 80 miles in the area. Everybody I've ever ridden with that had an Xtrainer had a range of about 40 miles and needed to abort the ride before we got to the half way point.
  10. 350DirtRider

    Batey Bould Camping?

    There's a vault toilet, a bear resistant garbage can, and nothing else. Really just a place to park and not much else. Better camping up Tacoma Creek Road (#2389) except it doesn't have any vault toilets or garbage can.
  11. 350DirtRider

    PNW Helmet Cam Vids

    Saturday's PANTRA ride at the Center of the Universe (Wallace, Idaho).
  12. 350DirtRider

    North idaho (gold creek lodge) atv trails?

    There's a literally two short ATV trails between Clark Fork and the Gold Creek Lodge. Everything else is either FS roads or single track and the single track is almost all for intermediate to advanced riders only. Here's a link to the map of the trails and roads in the area (Gold Creek Trail Map). Map key: Yellow = Single Track, Orange = double track, brown = FS roads.
  13. 350DirtRider

    PNW Helmet Cam Vids

    PANTRA Batey-Bould Ride.
  14. 350DirtRider

    Picture Tread! Where did you all ride this weekend?

  15. 350DirtRider

    Trail building thread

    Known as the "Gold Creek Stump" that kept getting sketchier and sketchier with a high penalty for getting knocked off the trail by it. We (PANTRA) took care of it over the weekend.