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  1. vetrider

    Ktm 65 parts on ttr90 help please!

    Old post but I just ordered a 1980yz50 shock for my sons ttr90.Just hope the shock and seals are still ok.
  2. vetrider

    Ashley Fiolek on Carson Daly

    Im sure she would go around we like nothing also,when Chris Blose came to Tucson Years ago when he was 13 he was gone after 2 turns in the Intermediate 250 class.There is a 17year old girl here that hits the triples and goes fast.
  3. Im in Tucson and wonndering where you were riding at?Oral Valley?
  4. vetrider

    88ft Front Flip Landed!

    Didn't they do one on Nitro Circuis 2 years ago.It was about a 40 footer?
  5. Video looks the same as it did last year
  6. vetrider

    What should I put on my bike?

    Why not just ride it? I raced a stock 04 crf 450 for years against guys with every add on and it didn't stop me from passing them,
  7. vetrider

    Dont ya hate when this happens!!!

    WHy get pulled over if it was plated?
  8. vetrider

    New Look for my 2005 YZ250

    New rear fender looks alot better than the broken one
  9. vetrider

    '10 yz250 (the 2T)

    I read it somewhere awhile back.If you blow a motor i 4soroke is very expensive and machine shop costs.Even just doing a top end is alot if valves and guides are worn plus piston can bet 500-600 just for parts plus maching shop to put in valves and guides in plus mechanic (unless can do it yourself)
  10. vetrider

    '10 yz250 (the 2T)

    Yes they will make.We got through this every year.Sales in europe and other countries is on the rise for 2-strokes due to cheap running costs so maybe be around for awhile?
  11. vetrider

    2010 Crf250r

    Back in the 80's when there was no production rule alot of the REAL factory bikes had aluminum tanks that held more and lower.
  12. vetrider

    Metal Crash Vid

    That landing pad is Big?Save alot of wrecks if maybe tame it down?
  13. vetrider

    Its done!

    Ton of fast quads at Glamis but most of the riders can only go fast in a straight line in the dunes,go desert riding and there like a novice can'T do jumps hit berms?.
  14. vetrider

    CRF450R top end...250+hrs

    I also had an 04 crf450 never had any problems always cleaned air filter and changed oil.Never did a valve adjustment always started so figured valves are ok,when hard to start that tells you there is something not right.