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  1. Max17

    2017 yz250fx online manual pdf

    I have the same year and model of bike and I`m also in Ontario. My bike came with the paper manual and I had no trouble downloading the PDF version from the Australian website. Are you trying from work and some sites are blocked by your employer?
  2. Max17

    Zeta lowering kits

    I'm interested in these also for a 2017 YZ250FX so I`m interested to hear from anyone who has tried either one or both.
  3. Max17

    LHRB Question

    The Clake option is always very expensive but not always a good result. On European bikes with a hydraulic clutch built in, the Clake seems to be a more reliable addition. It's more hit or miss with Japanese bikes and having to also do a Magura HYMEC cable to hydraulic conversion. Many (including me) who try a Clake on a cable clutch bike go back to the cable. It may work for some J bikes but not all of them. Just something to consider if you are thinking of going the Clake route to get a LHRB.
  4. Max17

    Tires on a budget

    CRFJeff beat me too it!
  5. Max17

    Tires on a budget

    I personally would also stay away from Lifan products. I think you are much, much better off and safer on a used Japanese or European ike in good condition. It will be safer and probably cheaper also. Resale will also be much better if you decide to trade up at some point. No one responded yet to your question about tubes vs tubeless but pretty much all dirt bike tires are tube type tires as opposed to the tubeless type on street bike. There is something called Tubliss but it is a different kind of tube system to be used in tube type tires.
  6. Max17

    Is Leatt Gear Good?

    Motorcycle Closeouts has some great deals: https://www.motorcyclecloseouts.com/combos/57995/leatt-2018-gpx-5.5-grey~teal-combo
  7. IRC used to be readily available but I just checked Royal D, FortNine, Lang's, and Dualsport Plus and was surprised to find that none of these stock them anymore. I'm sure they would order them though if you wanted one. It's probably just that the some of the others are more popular (or maybe the IRC distributor for Canada is more difficult to deal with). Good topic though and I'm interested in the responses above and any more to come. It's especially relevant to me about the stiffer sidewalls to use with Tubliss.
  8. I had the same thing happen once and it was because the nut was too tight during the earlier stages of the install. Now I do it so that the nut is just barely below where the narrower threads start and don't tighten it more until the very end. all of my installs doing it this way have been easier and don't leak air at all afterwards.
  9. Max17

    Rekluse Models

    I can wait. I hope he heals up well and quickly.
  10. Max17

    Rekluse Models

    I too have a 2017 YZ250FX and would be very interested in hearing how it goes for your friend in terms of installation/set-up and then how he likes it while riding.
  11. Max17

    street legal requirments

    I found out that once a bike has been green plated in Ontario it is very difficult to get it blue plated even after adding all of the necessary equipment. A 34 year old XR250R doesn't seem like it would be very suitable for MX due to the suspension, etc. but it would probably be too expensive to get blue plated here. The MTO would know that the XL Hondas were for dual purpose but the XR Hondas were imported as off-road trail bikes. You might get lucky with a conversion attempt but the cost wouldn't be worth it for a bike that old. You would be better off selling it or keeping it as a trail/track bike and buying a used bike that is already blue plated. The minimum cost to dual sport your XR would be several hundred $ and using good kits would be closer to $1K. The best combination of easy and cheap would be a Tusk dual sport conversion kit from Rocky Mtn plus a cheap headlight from China on eBay if you would be okay with patching into your XR's wiring. Anything easier or better will cost $700-$1,400 for a wiring loom, mirror(s), brake light switches, decent lights, and possibly a stator.
  12. Do any of you know who makes the Rocky Mtn Tusk First Line air filters? Have any of you tried them?
  13. Max17

    how does a throttle tamer work?

    The Throttle Tamer / Dirt Tamer can be useful and doesn't have to increase the amount of throttle rotation. The cam profile can make the start of the twist more gradual in the amount of fuel supplied and the end of the twist more aggressive. This can be nice for more precise throttle control at the start of the twist in tight technical trails but also lets you get on full throttle faster when you want to hammer it. Macho know-it-alls who poo-poo a TT/DT are probably the same type who looked down on sissies who liked long travel suspension back when it started changing dirt bikes instead of being man enough to absorb the bumps just by flexing their knees. Not every rider and every bike needs a tamer but sometimes there are certain bike and trail conditions that make a tamer a good option -- especially for someone still developing their skills or getting used to a new kind of bike and/or terrain. Learning fine clutch control is easier if you haven't already given up riding because you were crashing too much and not having any fun.
  14. Max17

    Yz250 fresh rebuild dry spark plug

    You should ask this in the Yamaha 2-stroke section.
  15. My son had trouble learning to ride a bicycle but learned to ride his sister's PW50 right away. After that he got better at bicycles and more than ten years later he's great at both. Obviously the OP shouldn't start out on a big MX bike but there are some dirt bikes that are designed for beginners that are good for learning. The gyroscopic effect of the engine and feet motionless on the pegs or skimming over flat ground at low speed can be much easier for some people than pedaling a tall bicycle. Also, some bicycles are better than others for learning. most people probably start out on a bicycle before learning to ride a dirt bike but it doesn't have to always be that way.