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  1. Lucky13bikes

    Sxf350 muffler

    Yeah no offense but 700 bucks is plain silly. The only reason I want a stock one is because they are built proof and the bike makes plenty of power. Mine got jack in a behind the truck carrier accident that I would rather not talk about. I bout one for 110 shipped , which is even more than I wanted to pay but seems reasonable.
  2. Lucky13bikes

    Sxf350 muffler

    Anyone have a stock muffler in good shape? Mine is beat. I am happy with the stock one so if anyone has one they want to sell I would be interested. If you had an aftermarket I may be interested in that too , but mostly just stock.
  3. Lucky13bikes

    KTM 350 SX-F 2011

    This bike does everything!!!
  4. Lucky13bikes

    KTM 350 SX-F (2011)


    This bike does everything!!!
  5. Lucky13bikes

    KTM 200 XC (2006)


    deep technical woods, no problem this bike slays em all
  6. Lucky13bikes

    KTM 200 XC 2006

    deep technical woods, no problem this bike slays em all
  7. Lucky13bikes

    2011350 sxf exhaust

    200 is a bit high for a stock exauhst , but I already got one from another tt person. Thanks for your response.
  8. Lucky13bikes

    2011350 sxf exhaust

    Anybody have a stock pipe they want to sell? Don't need the the header.
  9. Lucky13bikes

    2011 ktm 350sxf start issues

    Battery is good
  10. Lucky13bikes

    2011 ktm 350sxf start issues

    Valves checked Inline filter checked and its clean I hear you on all that stuff, but it does not explain why it's only hard to start when cold, at at higher altitude
  11. Lucky13bikes

    Spark arrestor?

    I have a 2011 350 and I bought a replacement screen, witches hat looking, and cut it to fit under the stock cap. Done. It does not say us fs approved but they usually put a dowel down it to make sure you didn't remove the screen, so it will pass the test, and more important you won't start a fire from spark.
  12. My 350 is fuel injected, and when I change the oil it fires right up with the electric start, it's roughly sea level here 50 feet above I think. When I get to the trails around 1500 feet or so, it's a pain to start the first time, some times I have to bump start it down a hill. Once it's warmed up no problem restarting. Fuel injection should compensate for the elevation, and or temp change. Motor is stock, exhaust is stock, the only performance mod is the map change dial. It has 3 positions but it does not seem to make a difference what the setting is. Motor has been updated to the 12 motor specs by the dealer, so should be no issues there. The cold does seem to make it worse. Any ideas or similar experience ?
  13. Lucky13bikes

    13' 450sxf OTD...insane

    It does sound steep,but that is just over the phone too. Go in and he may be willing to take less when they see you have the money( if you do that is) I used to sell bikes, and you get so many calls like that, and there is no need to "try " to sell the bike till you know the person is for real. So many people are dreaming , and not serious customers. Better than giving you some silly low price to get you in and then start tacking on all kinds of fees to get the price up.