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  1. Orice426

    Valve Job

    Awesome. Thank you for your help greyracer. I can see you are well respected on the forum so I feel confident I am getting good information. I really appreciate it.
  2. Orice426

    Valve Job

    Thank you for your help greyracer. Is it necessary to replace the valve guides everytime I replace the valves or is it only if they are in bad shape? Thanks.
  3. Orice426

    Valve Job

    Thank you for your help etuke. It is much appreciated.
  4. Orice426

    Valve Job

    Thank you so much for your help. I love this site. Any reasons why I should not use titanium valves other than longevity? The bike is not raced, just a weekend rider on trail and sometime track.
  5. Orice426

    Valve Job

    I have a 2001 YZF426 which has the titanium valves. I just finished doing a complete engine rebuild with the added auto decompression Hot Cams which I am pumped about. My question is, I am putting new valves and springs in it and dont have the money to put all new titanium valves in it so I was going to put 2000 model Stainless valves and 2000 model springs in it. Will the different springs/valves wear different on the lobes of my new cams since it is for the 2001 426? Maybe a stupid question but just wondering. Thank you.
  6. Orice426

    Piston Skirt Coating

    Sending my friends 01' YZ426F cylinder off tomorrow to be re-plated at US Chrome. $29 for piston skirt coating. Should I have it done or save the money? I have heard its good for the initial break in but not much after that. Thanks.
  7. First of all I wanted to say hello and thank you to everyone who makes this site every bit as valuable as a service manual. I have been looking to TT for about the past 6 months now during a complete rebuild on my friends 01' 426. The bike was a gift from his father right before he passed away so it has a lot of sentimental value but it hasnt been started in over 6 years. The bike was used when he got it and wasn't maintained very well. He has now decided to fix it up and get it running again so we can ride. I have changed all bearings exept the ones in the engine, chain, sprockets, rebuilt calipers, brakes, rebuilt forks and shock, new clutch, new cables and brake lines, rebuilt carb, JD jet kit, and pretty much everything else outside of the engine. I took the bike to the Yamaha shop about a week ago to have the valves checked/adjusted and to have a leak down test done since I couldn't get the bike to start. They called yesterday and told me it needed a new crank, piston and rings, cylinder head, and main bearings which was going to be a total of $3717.00!! I can understand the piston and rings need replacing after sitting so long but the crank caused zero problems when we used to ride all the time.This bike means a lot to my buddy so I went and got the bike and priced the parts my self which is muuuuuucccchhh cheaper than what they quoted me just for parts. Instead of buying a new cylinder I am goint to send it off to US Chrome to have them re plate it since it is not cracked but it is scored (the shop said it couldn't be re plated) but US Chrome said it can. My question is...I will have not problem with the top end but the bottom end and splitting the case worries me. I have the manual and have read the threads on here but it still scares me a little since I have not done a bottom end before. I am mechanically inclined but it seems there is a lot to mess up in there. Does any one know of a good mechanic in or around Nashville, TN that can help me or do it on the side. I would even be willing to take the motor out and drive it somewhere that wasn't too far away if I could get some help. I just can't pay dealership prices right now but want to finish it for my friend. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you again.