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  1. I explained to him what powerband were to the best of my ability's and referred him to several articles that explained it better then me and this is what he sent back to me...Either way don't really matter to me but thx... It's just a post if u don't want it move on Someone else should text or email this guy
  2. Not really sure the exact parts I just pay for em n had special mechanic do the rest...I can sell ya the spare parts if u don't want the whole bike I've had this bike my whole life and don't really wnna get rid of it but I got kids and gettin older so wanna move to a quad...my bike is not for beginners... That what he just sent me ,welllll I guess ive had enough giggles for the day time to tell him about "powerbands"
  3. This is what he sent back I used hot rods crank shaft and main bearing and outer bearings...the spare engine does not have power bands.. the same with engine that's in it...
  4. I asked him what brand parts he used to rebuild it and what all has been done to the spare motor and has it had powerbands put on it
  5. Haha I kinda want to milk him for all its worth before I go off on him
  6. This is what he sent me when I get my laptop back I will screen cap it What should I ask him next I had all parts auto do them....I couldn't tell ya the exact power bands... On Jun 11, 2013 3:14 PM, "Seth walls" <95aee3044e7d39548a6a72249ddce953@reply.craigslist.org> wrote: What kind of powerbands did you put in it and how did you put them in http://grandrapids.craigslist.org/mcy/3837559369.html
  7. I emailed him and asked him what kind of powerbands he put in it and how he did it.
  8. Va countryboy

    What did you do to your KX/KDX today?

    Hooked up the compression tester and it had 75lbs...topend time for me
  9. Va countryboy

    2003 Suzuki King quad problems....

    It has the vacuum petcock on it I had thought that maybe the shut off valve had quit functioning and the diaphragm was allowing fuel to go into the oil but I will have to check that out
  10. Va countryboy

    What did you do to your KX/KDX today?

    Put my fmf on and it's like a new machine!
  11. Va countryboy

    2003 KDX will not start

    Thats what it was it was firing down the side, I washed it the day after I rode
  12. Va countryboy

    What did you do to your KX/KDX today?

    Went down to a 140 main and 32:1.Cut my levers and pulled pipe off for my fmf that will be here tomorrow anyone know what size o rings go on the pipe im not sure if it will come with them
  13. Va countryboy

    What did you do to your KX/KDX today?

    New clutch cover gasket and water pump gasket
  14. Va countryboy

    2003 KDX will not start

    I put some brand new vforce 3 reeds on a month and a half ago
  15. Today I went on a very long ride in the mountains and decided to visit my cousin since the trail was very close to his house.While I was there some "badass" boys about my age came by on fourwheelers and decided to stop and talk to me.I was asked if it had powerbands and I said yes "on the inside I wanted to scream just at that question" I was then asked if it had them in every gear.I looked him dead in the eye stone faced an said no but I put fmf rainbow ones in every one.Then I was asked if it was a 2 cylinder and why my muffler was so big.And of course several of them tried to buy it.Needless to say I could not wait to leave.