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  1. Dodgers looking good tonight
  2. The Anvil


    The bike still looks better then all of mine
  3. The Anvil

    Do you buy the hype ?

    If the electron carb was better, jimmyboy would have one
  4. The Anvil


    I’d guess mitch is buying it, but I heard she retired from riding and now shops for a dress
  5. The Anvil

    Nominations for TT CA forum "Best Threads of 2018"

    Dead men tell no tales. I was the only survivor. My vote for number 1 thread is the thread Billy threatened to kill me with a arm handle.
  6. The Anvil

    Where did you ride?

    Can we use this amp at wolf retirement party?
  7. The Anvil

    KX450F appropriate trails?

    I kinda stayed out of this queerass thread. But, my bat phone rang, someone needs a big deek of an azz reaming?
  8. The Anvil

    Where did you ride?

    Are we trying to make the longest sentence?
  9. The Anvil

    replacement motor

    Wrong forum, Kawasaki hasn’t made a motorcycle since the 500.
  10. The Anvil

    Random Picture Thread Reloaded

    These pictures suck without the occasional half naked woman
  11. The Anvil

    Random Picture Thread Reloaded

    Those are actually called co-workers
  12. The Anvil

    Spoiler alert

    We need yzyankee back
  13. The Anvil

    Spoiler alert

    The secret too a successful tt thread is the fear of possibly being punched in the mouth.
  14. The Anvil

    Riding king of the motos n shiet

    Looked like chocolate thunder to me