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  1. That one deserves to be in the funny craigslit ad of the day thread
  2. Pushc123

    Worst Case...Riding on State/Private Property

    Exactly. Just have a plan and you'll be fine. I'm not from NJ but I have been there a few times and it was quite unpleasant. The lower half of MI is exactly the same way as well.
  3. Pushc123

    Worst Case...Riding on State/Private Property

    Well it all depends on how much the county wants to spend to get you. If youre just riding and run, chances are they're not going to waste the resources and time and officers to track you down through the woods. They will remeber you next time but I doubt they'll spend all that money. Just like if you're racing on the street. If you're going fast enough, they won't even bother chasing you down. Its not worth it to them.
  4. Pushc123

    Worst Case...Riding on State/Private Property

    "If you get caught" and if you do, you weren't riding fast enough.
  5. http://kalecoauto.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=48LOL
  6. I totally get it man. Its the same in car racing too. And in the pro circuit. Techs, mechs, and drivers will calculate how much of the aluminum bolt the can chop off just to save weight. And the driver/rider is 400lbs. Never made sense to me. If you wanna save weight, get a lighter driver/rider.
  7. You can't argue with the insane or stupid. They'll always be correct in their minds, no matter you say.
  8. Well maybe they thought it was cool. Eho knows what goths are into.
  9. Ya but what if he's not? I mean do you really wanna see goths bang it out?
  10. +1 on that. That first story is complete bull. He would have surely died on impact from "tearing" a semi wheel off with a motorcycle. And the other stuff I just can't understand.