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  1. 04wr250f

    New to this Forum - have a confusing question

    Still worth fixing. You could do this work your self. If you are already down to the head and cyl. being off, you are about 1/2 way there!!! Welcome to TT!!! Mark
  2. 04wr250f

    03 250f woes ............... help

    Jetting is critical on these bikes. Most likely you are a little lean due to the cold weather. Mark
  3. I don't see why you couldn't fill the engine full of kerosene too. (Crankcase) Fill it over full and then drain it. Do this a few times will help flush the case out. Best of luck to ya. Mark
  4. 04wr250f

    Bar Risers I made--pic

    I would pay ya for a set!!! Well done!!!! Mark
  5. 04wr250f

    Just got a new 06 yz250f

    Barton, you are my hero!!! LOL Well said!!!! Mark
  6. 04wr250f

    HELP!! 250f cams

    hot cams sells performance cams for these bikes. If you are on a wr, you cam put a yz intake cam in it. Mark
  7. I would have to agree with the steering stem bearings being loose. They had little to no grease in them from the factory!! A little moisture and bam you have rust!!!! Mark
  8. 04wr250f

    float bowl

    Something is pushing the float up when you install the bowl. I am not sure what it is. but that is what is happening. Mark
  9. 04wr250f

    Yz250f cylinder head removal

    Definately get a service manual man!!! You will screw something up really bad without it! Like the torque specs. and sequence for the cam shaft covers, miss placed valve shim. One mistake here and off to the dealer you go. There is a lot of knowledge here BUT you gotta have some knowledge of the terminology first. Mark
  10. 04wr250f

    Snapped oil filter cover allen bolt...

    If you were able to turn the remaining part of the bolt out, you will be ok on the threads. Mark
  11. 04wr250f

    left radiator for a yz 250f

    They usually have them on e-bay. If that is your thing. Mark
  12. 04wr250f

    wr on/off switch

    I would suggest wiring around the switch and then remove it. Mark
  13. When you finally get the bolt out, put a little bit of anti seize on the threads of the new bolts. The alum. and stainless has a chemical reaction to each other causing bolts to sieze in the threads. Mark
  14. 04wr250f

    Fork Seals?

    I have heard that there is some seals available now for the forks that are better than the weak oem ones. Anyone heard of these? Just asking because I have a set that is leaking and can not get them stopped. Mark
  15. 04wr250f

    I need a new radiator

    He fixed my rad.!!!! Quite impressed!!!!! Mark