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  1. desert520sx

    Suzuki ltz400 2003 flywheel options

    Has anyone found a vendor that supplies upgraded (heavier) flywheels for the LTZ Quad? We do a lot of trail riding and the bike stalls too easily for my wife. I know that a heavy flywheel would do the trick, but I can't find one anywhere. SFBracing doesn't seem, to have one, nor do any of the major distributers I have checked. Anyone have a line on one of these?
  2. desert520sx

    Ok, popping and back firing FIXED!!!!!!!!

    I am sure that most of you guys know this, but for the benefit of the new members, bear with me. The fuel screws on 4 strokes are different than the air screws on 2 strokes. On a 2 stroke you are metering air, 4 stroke you are metering gas. If there is a lean condition in a four stroke in the primary circuit, then in order to richen the primary mixure, you have to back the fuel screw out in 1/4 turn increments. On a 2 stroke, you to richen the primary circuit, you have to screw the air screw in. With that said, if the ciruit is clogged behind the fuel screw with a grain of sand or other obstruction, this could help break it loose. If the obstruction is behind the primary jet or in the jet, the fuel screw adjustment will just make it run worse. Make sure you remember where the fuel screw was to begin with. Good luck. If I lived near you, I would come over for a PB&J and a Dr. Pepper!
  3. desert520sx

    Ok, popping and back firing FIXED!!!!!!!!

    Hey, It is definatly a lean condition. Kudos to you for checking the exhaust. The jetting will NOT just change with other variables staying the same. If the carb was gummed up, didn't run and then cleaned and it mostly fixed the problem, then it is still the carb. I would not just change the jetting because chances are that when you start changing jetting, putting a bandaid on your problem, you will get more frustrated with the bike! Don't give up on the bike just yet. There are circuits in the carb that must be gummed up still. If it were me, I would pull the carb, take all the plastic and jets out, get some good carb cleaner you can completely submerge the carb in and soak it over night. This will get the gum out of all the channels. I believe that this will solve your issue... Good luck, let us know what happens...
  4. I have a 03 450 that I just got and it runs great! I love my bike and am big on preventative maintenance. I have searched the threads on TT and have not found any descriptive threads on how to check valve clearance or adjust them. Just by looking at them, I can see that the intakes need to be shimmed and the exhaust valves can be adjusted quite easily unless one needs to be adjusted differently than the other. I tried to do it last night, and lined up the marks on each side to get the piston to TDC to check adjustments and could not get any readings on tolerances on either the intake nor the exhaust. I moved the crank a little bit forward and got a .011 reading on the exhaust valves. I read in a thread that the spec was .011" for the left one and .014" in the right for the auto decompressor. The spec I am using for the intakes is .006" Are these specs correct? :excuseme:The only issue is that the adjustment for the exhaust valves is one and the same. Different from my KTM where you can adjust each valve individually. No matter where the cam was on the intake valves, I could not get any readings. Does anyone have a thread, website, downloadable manual, or article on checking and adjusting valves in these beasts?
  5. desert520sx

    Yamaha Warrior YFM 350 Valve question

    Wow, thanks a ton!!!!! That is super helpful. Are there any other manuals that you can download from that site?
  6. Hey, sorry if I offend anyone posting this in the YFZ postings, but I have searched for 20 minutes on any posts here for the Yamaha Warriors. I need to check/adjust the valves on here 2002 warrior and can't find directions/tolerance specs anywhere. Can any of you point me to any posts or other discussion forums that have any information on the once renouned unbreakable Yamaha Warrior?
  7. desert520sx

    04 Carbon Pro Exhaust on an 03

    What do I need to do/buy to get an 04 White Brother's Carbon Pro exhaust system to fit on my 03? Do I need a different header pipe? Do I need to weld different mounts on my subframe?
  8. desert520sx

    CRF Exaust Systems

    I am buying a new exaust system for my 03 CRF. I would love your opinons on the best system out there. I have to have a spark arrestor to race in my circuit and I would rather have a quieter muffler than a louder one. Of course I would like the max power output, but would sacrifce a little for a quieter muffler. What about the durability of titanium over stanless over aluminium? obviously there are weight factors, but I have heard that the Ti systmes last about a year and then fall apart. Do they make an exaust system with a variable or ajustable db rating? Let me have it!!@#@!@#@
  9. desert520sx

    Pro Circuit Ti-4...

    I just bought on and am putting it on my bike this weekend. I'll let you know what I think...
  10. desert520sx

    crf450r or ktm 525exc

    I am new to the TT forum but feel qualified to put in my opinion. I ride a 2002 KTM520SX with e-start, suspension by X-Country, RTT Stabilizer, 18" rear, pro-taper bars, etc. I ride the expert class in the high moutain deserts of Utah and Nevada. The KTM is an awesome bike! It handles the high speed whoops and terrain better than any bike I have ridden. My finding of the KTM are exactly opposite of the assessment that the previous riders riding in OK. The higher speed, the more chop, and whoops the better the KTM is. The slower speed, tighter the trail the better the CRF is. My problem is after almost a full season on the KTM, with starting problems, adding e-start, a pulser coil, a stator, a CDI box, being stranded out in the desert for hours because the bike wouldn't run, and having one of the failures right on the starting line. I am throwing in the towel on the KTM and riding a CRF now. I just purchased it and love how it handles, how light it is, and love the gear box in it as well. It seems to rev a few K higher than the KTM and without the 5th and 6th gears of the MXC or EXC, the CRF has a higher top speed. I love both the bike and think that the KTM would be better in the desert if it would hold up. In all fairness to the KTM, I think I may have gotten a lemon. I am very maticulous on maintenance as well so it is not because of a lack thereof. Good luck...