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  1. Bmo

    ATT: BBR 120 kit Owners

    I deffinatelly want to try a different cam since the bbr is basically a stock cam. I was thinking the mega cycyle but from reading the other posts I think there is some grinding required? I also dont want to much compression as I dont want to break the kick starter shaft
  2. I had red every post I could find on this subject and could never get a clear idea as to what the issues were. Stem size, bearings, length etc.. I bought a pair of 1985 cr 80 forks with triple clamps off ebay for $40. Allballs bearing kit around another $ 50. With the new bearings installed the forks were a direct bolt on to my 1978 xr frame. I had to build up the steering stops a little with some weld to keep the forks off my tank, but I have the 78 style tank that is taller than most. My hubs are off a 93 xr 100 and fit perfectly into the brake stop. I had to change the front wheel spacer but I had one laying around in my parts drawer that fit perfectlly. I cant wait to start dialing them in they allready feel better than the stockers.
  3. Bmo

    Long Rear shocks, XR75/Xl100

    Progresive shocks for an RM 100 are 14.25". I got mine from Bikebandit I know they were much cheaper than the Works shocks.
  4. Bmo

    Aluminum swingarms

    Check out xrminiracer.com they have some new products available. Swingarms, Goki air caps and other cool stuff. It looks like the price of the swingarm is less than whats been available before.
  5. Bmo

    twin shocker xr-75 pictures

    BBR aluminum. They quit making the gold color, I got this set off ebay.
  6. Bmo

    twin shocker xr-75 pictures

    I made one out of the stock xr 100 guide. I bent sheet metal to fit the swingarm turned the rubber guide upside down and rivited to the sheet metal. It actually works quite well as the chain has yet to come off.
  7. Bmo

    Spraypainting an engine

    PJ1 makes a good engine paint
  8. Bmo

    History of the XR75

    Good article about a great bike. My brother and I got one new in 1974, we rode the crap out of it. Broke the frame once. I was the head mechanic for the bike so of course being 12yr old I had to make it trick. We had a cam, bassani pipe, carb kit, boge shocks and anything else my dad would buy us. I put the cam in upside down once and couldnt figure out why it ran so bad, that poor bike.
  9. Bmo

    Bulding a vintage XR75 racer

    The forks are off a 93 xr 100. They dont have as much travel as they look, Ive been messing with them per Gman225's posts, put in the BBR rods and springs, shortened my top out springs. They feel alot plusher but clank on extension. I think Im almost getting 6" of travel The replica pipe will fit the 100, but if you do the 120 kit you will have to trim the cylinder fins a little. I like the 74 elsinore look, have fun.
  10. Bmo

    Bulding a vintage XR75 racer

    Here is my xr-75. Socal's xr was my inspiration on this project. I went with the progressive shock at 14.25" length I dont think you can really go much bigger. Forks are xr 100 with BBR dampner rods and heavy duty springs. Good luck on your project and lots of usefull info on this forum
  11. I have the same bike in the MX version. Bought used in 92 and rode for a good 10yrs. They are good bikes and that one looks clean.
  12. Bmo

    Updated Pics of the XR100

    Thanks for the info. Last night I robbed our xr 70 of it's bbr dampner rods, to put in my xr 100 forks. It looks like I now have 5 3/4" inch travel. If I shorten the top out springs will I get the extra travel ?
  13. Bmo

    Updated Pics of the XR100

    I was curious as to why you used the bbr dampner rods in your fork? Are they a big improvment over stock? Still waiting for the info on your latest fork mod. The bike looks like a works supercross ride.
  14. Bmo

    Crf 150f bbr exhaust

    Be gentle, use penetrating oil, heat and lots of patience if its really stuck.
  15. Bmo

    Crf 150f bbr exhaust

    2 nuts on the stud, the inside nut lock against the outside nut when you turn to remove allowing you to back out the stud.