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  1. Starvin_Martin

    2007 CRF450 tires and gearing, street bike wheels

    rims are 17" btw..
  2. Hey guys! I wanted to try a bit of motard riding with my old gal for years, but don't know how much I would like it.. But a few days ago I got a set of streetbike wheels from a friend. Looks like it will be pretty easy to make them fit my bike and try if I like it before I fork out the big bucks for a proper set of wheels and brakes. Motard wheels are rare and expensive over here in IKEA country. What dimension tires would you guys recommend? The front rim is 3" wide and the rear is 3.5" Dont want to &%$#@! up by mounting a tire that is too wide for the rim or a profile that is too high or low.. Don't know much about tire width.. And what gearing would you recommend? Any further advice would be really apreciated. Cheers!
  3. Starvin_Martin

    Will 2002 CR250 footpeg brackets fit the 2001 frame?

    nope, they do not fit. fastway pegs can be made to fit quite easyly though, do a search
  4. Starvin_Martin

    rear wheel offset

    You have all the info you need! measure the thickness of your rear sprocket, add that to the 45.5mm described in your manual. Lay a ruler across the outside of the sprocket and measure from the edge of the ruler to the edge of the rim. let me know if I dont make sense, english is not my first language Cheers!
  5. Starvin_Martin

    01 cr 125 rear wheel replacement- what fits?

    00-01 are the same. I BELIEVE that the 99 wheel might work, if you replace the bearings. but not sure at all. However, what I am sure of is that you can use the rear wheel from any crf250 from 2004-2013 or cr125 from 02-07. It uses a different rear brake rotor. but the outer diameter is the same. the difference is the hole pattern and the inner diameter of the area of the rotor that is supposed to contact the brake pads. Will not affect performance or fitment at all. You could also use the wheels from any cr250 from 00-01 or 02-07, or crf450 from 02-12 but those have a wider rear rim. (2.15 vs 1.85) cheers
  6. Starvin_Martin

    CR Piston Monster

    search for leakdown test here, you will find instuctions for how to build one. another (not as good) way to test it is to fire the bike up, and spray the suspected areas with engine starter. if it revs up, you have a leak
  7. Starvin_Martin

    I need the length and width of cr 250 reed bolt holes please help

    English is not my first language so I'm having a hard time understanding what you are trying to ask. The lengtth and width of the holes are the same, since they are round. Are you asking what diameter the bolt holes are? well, for a 92-01 at least the bolts are M6x22 so the holes are probably between 6 and 6.5 mm. Or are you asking about the hole pattern measurements? or the dimension of the bolts? or depth of the holes in the cylinder? And what year is the bike?
  8. Starvin_Martin

    Thoughts on powder coating cases

    Dude, reroute your front brake hose.
  9. Starvin_Martin

    Galfer steel braided brake line problem

    how would that help with the problem TS is having?? Edit: my reading comprehention is not great after being awake for 26 hours, especially not in a language that is foreign to me. &%$#@! it, i'm going to bed.
  10. Starvin_Martin

    Galfer steel braided brake line problem

    As an electrician, I have some experience with heat shink tubing. The ones with glue tend to be alot thicker when you shrink it down, so it will probably be too thick, and not allow the clamp to be torqued down correctly, possibly resulting in the bolts vibrating loose..
  11. Starvin_Martin

    Galfer steel braided brake line problem

    I suspect that your analysis is correct, and it should be pretty staight forward to test. can you move the line up and down in the clamp? if so, it is too loose. Measure the diameter of the old hose, and the new one, is the new one thinner? If so, I would remove the end that is on the brake pump, and put a bit of heat shrink tube down the line, and shrink it in place where the clamp meets the brake line to increase the diameter. should look pretty good too if done correctly.
  12. Starvin_Martin

    08 crf450r weep hole

    The 08 already has the hole, so no drilling required! Do yourself a favor, as stated earlier,check the counter balancer bearings while you're in there. I didnt...
  13. Starvin_Martin

    Need help with dirt bike swing arm issue

    It might be that the swing arm bolt head wasn't lined up correctly with the slot in the frame on the right side. if the rotation was a bit wrong, it would snap in place as you torqued it down. Remove the bolt and check for scoring marks, it should be visible as fresh scratches.
  14. Starvin_Martin

    01 cr250 works pipe fmf

    pc makes one for your old gal. I dont like the raw look so I painted mine black
  15. Starvin_Martin

    Contest For FREE Tusk Wave Rotor (CR250--2001)

    Sorry for not being psychic buddy