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  1. yama21

    Las Vegas 2 stroke DMV

    Cool, Thanks for all the info guys, I will start making the plunge and getting all this stuff I need. I will report back after success or failure, It will be a while though. Thanks again!
  2. sucks man, I'll keep an eye out. Saw a blue DRZ the other day, but it was Supermoto. damn theives
  3. yama21

    Nevada Las Vegas 2 stroke DMV

    So, I'm getting ready to buy lighting and everything needed to get my yz250 street plated. I wanted to ask before I do all this work though, has anyone gotten turned down at the DMV VIN inspection for having a 2 stroke, or any dirt bike for that matter? any advice on which dmv to go to? Also, do i need to turn the bike on for them, or just the lights?
  4. yama21

    DRZ rims on XR hub?

    Any idea if this will work? I'm doing a supermoto with my DRZ400 and I'll have a spare 18/21 rim set after I'm done. Are rims interchangeable between bikes as long as the spoke count is the same? My xr's rims are pretty beat up I'd like to put those on it.
  5. Responsible gun owners go shoot/practice at designated shooting ranges with the appropriate safety gear. Responsible off-roaders go ride/practice at designated off road areas with the appropriate safety gear. The guys in videos like this and use of firearms (illegal or not) in illegal manners are the reason us responsible owners are getting our rights taken away.
  6. yama21

    help a newbie,please

    Hopefully not, But here in Las Vegas, DMV said they would not convert 2 strokes. But If i go over a county to Nye county, they don't give a shit... I guess that's what happens when Californians take over
  7. XR650 i'd rather have a KTM solely for offroad, unless it was a new 525 or 690
  8. yama21

    help a newbie,please

    make sure you can convert a 2 stroke in your county
  9. Not really any off-road gear on my list. I buy most of that myself. All I need is a new pair of boots, but the ones I want are a bit much more than I want the wife to spend on me for christmas. I gave her a list of street gear I would like, I'd like to get that "M" on my license.
  10. yama21

    KX500AF/CR500 ride today!

    Looks like a fun ride at apex! The wife and I were going to check out logandale on monday, we got all our gear on, with baselayers, walked outside and walked right back in it was way too cold, especially with the wind. Looks like an awesome forecast next week though!!
  11. yama21

    How to get friends involved?

    My main riding buddy is my wife. we ride almost every weekend. I've gone a couple times with a guy from work, didn't like going with him. He was all about going as fast as possible, annoying. A different guy from work I enjoy going with, but we have different days off. We tried to get my little brother into it, he doesn't seem interested. So, its mainly with the wife. If she isn't off on my day off, I go by myself or do some wrenching on my bike.
  12. yama21

    YZ125 questions

    oil is oil, most of the guys on here will say ATF or Shell Rotella T. I go with Rotella. You should be fine with that 4 stroke stuff, I used it for a while when i first got my bike. Just dont mix up your premix and your transmission oils. Premix and tranny oil do not need to be the same. Premix in gas, tranny oil in tranny. The drain plug on my 02 yz250 is on the very bottom of the case, pointed at an angle. It should be the same for a 125.
  13. yama21

    96 KTM 300 Project?

    I went ahead and put the money into my yz, put a rekluse, desert tank and new plastics on it. It would be fun to work on, though!
    Came with the bike used. A must have for rocky trails.