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  1. Schultzy101

    Top end ticking

    Is there any way to just disable the mechanism? Remove it? Ive been lookin for a video or anything, cant find one anywhere
  2. Schultzy101

    Top end ticking

    Thanks. Thats a good idea
  3. Schultzy101

    Top end ticking

    Hey guys, i have an 86 dr200 that i just rebuilt top end. Bought the bike not running so i have no history on it. I got it running. However theres a ticking comin from sounds like exhaust valve area, and bike is completely gutless. I adjusted valve clearance. Helped a bit but still garbage. Wondering if maybe its the decompression mechanism. The cable and lever are gone, so cant adjust anything that way. Any idea how to adjust that mechanism???? Also, when bikes running, that thing is vibrating like crazy, as if the valve is hitting it. So either way, it needs adjustment. Help?!?
  4. Schultzy101

    Dr250 fuel screw

    Ok, thanks. I must have just missed it under there.
  5. Schultzy101

    Dr250 fuel screw

    Hey guys. I just put a carb from an older DR250 on my 86 DR200. Carb on 200 was pooched... anyway. Bike seems to be running lean(which is opposite of what i expected but spark plugs dont lie) and i cant seem to find the damn fuel screw on this carb!!! Any help??? Also, i just bought this bike from a kid who tried doin top end on it and made a real mess of it, so i have NO prior knowledge about how bike ran before. On a side note, this thing is GUTLESS! Is this normal for an old DR??? My wifes DRZ125 is about equal power wise.
  6. Schultzy101

    DR200 Replacement Carb Which One

    Anyone know proper jetting for tm28 on a dr200?
  7. Schultzy101

    alright guys lets see ur dr's! put up some pics!

    86 DR200 bought out of an old farmers shed. Tryin to breathe new life into her. Topend rebuild, new tires, front brake assembly... Now thecarb needs replacing. I have a brand new mikuni tm28. Anyone ever put one of these on your 200? If so, what jetting you use?
  8. Im replacing carb on my 86 dr200. I have a brand new mikuni tm28, which is not same as stock carb on this bike. Anyone know if this will work with proper jetting? Could I use same size pilot and main as stock carb? Any insight or advice would be great. Thanks!
  9. My huge buddy (260lbs) has an 04 wr450. Rear shock is toast, and he wants to upgrade for his weight. Will a yz shock work on these bikes? Is there a better option for somebody 250+ lbs? We rarely hit jumps or anything crazy, but ride trails and gravel pits. Any info from you bigger wr riders on how you set up your suspension would be great! Thanks! And before anyone says it, yes I searched forums, and could not find anything solving this specific predicament...
  10. Schultzy101

    alright guys lets see ur dr's! put up some pics!

    1986 DR200 I picked up yesterday, gettin ready for top end rebuild. Also needs front brake caliper and master cylinder and lever. New clutch cable. New front tire, and it should be ready by spring time! (wife permitting) if anyone can direct me to more info on this beauty that would be great. Im lookin for other makes and models that would work as donor... Specifically the front brake caliper
  11. Schultzy101

    86 DR200 brake caliper

    Just bought an 86 DR200 for peanuts. Its missing entire front brake assy... Caliper, hose, m cylinder, and lever. Trying to buy used package deal on eBay. Wondering if anyone knows of different year, make, model calipers that will bolt right onto this bike? Also open to any other tips, mods for this bike as it has low compression, and will be getting a top end rebuild... Figure if im gonna get into this old girl, might as well go balls deep!
  12. Schultzy101

    Water in my YZ450 2010

    HI grayracer, sorry the delayed response... Have a 6 month old daughter. Haha. Yes I definately had some water, did twelve oil changes so far. Ran for ten or fifteen mins for the first five changes, and ran longer with each oil change after that. Also but a couple ounces of transmission fluid in the first few oil changes, as atf is a dessicant. Bike runs great, however, milkiness is gone but oil is still grayish. Almost looks fibery or gritty. So I will be replacing clutch fibers, and continue changing oil frequently... Does this sound like a good plan? Or do you have suggestions? Winter is coming, and I want this issue resolved before I put it into hibernation. Thanks gray
  13. Schultzy101

    Water in my YZ450 2010

    I took water in through my air filter. Seized motor, but oil looked good. Pulled spark plug and flipped bike upside down to drain water, also changed oil. Bike started! Yay! But now I have grey milky oil and have changed about five times already... My question is, any tricks out there to get water out of oil??? Also, is there any other possible damage? Clutch plates perhaps???
  14. Schultzy101

    Bike jerky, more noticeable in 5th

    Yup, grayracer, you nailed it. Thanks for all the input!