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  1. Rollzy

    wiseco vs tusk clutch kit

    im in the market for a new clutch for my bike soon and I'm thinking of either getting the wiseco clutch kit or the tusk clutch kit, (both with only fibres, steels and springs). i just want to know what would be better, the tusk is cheaper but the wiseco clutch is meant to be pretty good. anyone have experience with these clutches?
  2. Rollzy

    What valves for 2010 crf250r

    You shouldn't need to replace the exhaust valves, they last for 2-3 times as Long as intakes
  3. Rollzy

    What valves for 2010 crf250r

    With the kibblewhite valves, I bought the intake valve kit and it only costed me $200 with the springs and seals included
  4. Rollzy

    2006 Honda 250r dual exhaust

    I used stock side panel, you will only ever notice it if you look at it from the back
  5. Rollzy

    2006 Honda 250r dual exhaust

    Well companies such as fmf and pro circuit made single exhaust systems for the dual exhaust bikes. I got a fmf powercore4 for my 08 crf250r and it's great!. Powerful, loud and looks good. No need for any modifications
  6. Rollzy

    Piston replacemet

    If your not riding it hard you should do it every 50-90 hours
  7. Rollzy

    Checked valves

    If your referring to the cylinder head, it's perfectly fine because it's just normal carbon build up
  8. Rollzy

    Front brake disc

    Well I recently changed my front brake pads that worn into the metal a little bit and with the new ones when I brake hard it makes a "shhhhh" noise and also when you spin it on the stand it makes a similar noise. Thinking I might of wrecked my Front brake disc and if so can I just get it machined like you can on car ones.
  9. Rollzy

    08 crf250r valves and temporary smoking

    What you should do is contact kibblewhite and they will tell you for sure
  10. Rollzy

    08 crf250r valves and temporary smoking

    Well I can't help you with the smoke problem but if it says only 04-07 then don't put them in your bike, as in 08-09 there was some head work done on these motors by Honda on those models. So I would get the right set for your bike then do the install. BTW: I have kibblewhite valves and they are awesome!
  11. Rollzy

    Single exhaust 08 crf250r

    Nah not that committed
  12. Rollzy

    Single exhaust 08 crf250r

    Nah I think I'll keep it how it is then. Thanks for the help anyway.
  13. Rollzy

    Single exhaust 08 crf250r

    Well I got a single fmf powercore 4 exhaust for my bike today and just wondering if a side plate for a 08 450 would fit my bike so it looks better and suits the single exhaust system, plus if so would I be able to transfer the graphics to the new plastics without having to buy new ones
  14. Rollzy

    my bike takes ages to start

    1stly you need to check your valves because it's 90% chance that is the problem. When the valves have no clearance they won't kick start easy because of lack of compression but roll starting does work because the sudden turnover gives the bike enough compression for it to start. If the valves are the problem you are looking at having to get new valves installed because once they move they will continue to move.