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  1. Bergy1

    New to me 2002 KTM 400 exc!

    First off welcome. Register over at KTMTalk and do a search for info on your bike. If you do not know, check, but your cam gear needs updated to the 2003 model with a better bolt. There are a few other things to do while in there. All the info you need is over at KTMTalk.
  2. Bergy1

    Rampart, Rainbow Falls, or 717 ???

    717 for family
  3. Bergy1

    tailor park question

    What's it cost to camp at Dinner Station, Dorchster, or Spring Creek?
  4. Bergy1

    Carry nice camera while riding

    Been thinking about this as well. Might look into a small Pelican case to throw in my camelback.
  5. Bergy1

    Tell me about the 400EXC

    What the others have said about 90% dirt 10% street is true. Actually the 400 is not intended for any street, but could be used for a little. The 2000-2002 models have a bad cam gear nut. They made improvements through those years, but they all need the cam gear from an 03-newer bike. I bought a little used 2002 and replaced the cam gear. When we pulled the cam gear the nut was just about to fall off, it was passed the ny-lock part of the nut:eek:. You also need to do the cam gear bearings and water pump while your in there. I would imaging if the bike falls in these years and has any miles this will have been done. Costs about $300 for all the parts and to have it done. Can be done cheaper if you can do it yourself. The 2003 400 EXC was not imported and the 2004 was in limited numbers. I went form a XR400 to a 400EXC and could not be more happy with the bike. It makes great power for trail riding, very linear. If more power is desired a 453 or 472 kit can be added and makes for an even better bike. The 453 kit is the engine everybody says KTM should have built. You can learn a lot over on KTMTalk. All in all great bike.
  6. Bergy1


    Shut the choke off after warm up:thumbsup: Seriously, more info. Alltitude, mods, jetting.
  7. Bergy1

    XR400 Tune Up

    I quick note, I see you were looking for someone to do it for you. Try it yourself, it is not difficult. You will probably enjoy working on your own machine:thumbsup:
  8. Bergy1

    XR400 Tune Up

    You may have to do a little playing with the jets. For Colorado 6,000 to 9,000 I've had good luck with a 152 main and a 55 pilot jet. I have done the "Gordon Mods" remove the air snorkel, HRC exhaust outlet(or drill 3 holes), ground header welds(optional), and after market air filter. This really opens the bike up. You may need to play a little with the jetting to get your bike dialed in. Once you do it will run quit nicelly. If you are serious with your XR and have the funds try a pumper carb. Mikuni or Edelbrock. I personaly went with the Edelbrock. I live around 2,000 feet and have not tried it yet at higher elevations, but around here a major improvement in engine performance, starting, and throttle responce. Valve adjustement, do a quick search to find the process. Intake .004 Exhaust .005 Hope this helps
  9. Looking at getting my front suspension done. Thinking of W.E.R. or possibly trying Stillwell Performance in Castle Rock, CO. Anybody have any experience with Stillwell? Thanks
  10. Bergy1

    Edelbrock carb unavailable. XR400???

    Update. I put on the carb last night and took it for a quick spin. Sputtered a little, didn't idle real smooth, and light on the 1/3 to full throttle power. I did some reading and made a couple quick adjustements. Leaned out the needle a little, put the pump at 2 3/4 turns out. Wow. The difference is impressive. I had my old carb dialed in really well, but just tired of jetting for elevation changes, kicking my bike repeatedly after a spill on the mountain, the bog, etc... Anyway much better throttle responce, lofts the tire much easier. Adjusting seems to be very easy. In my opinion, $$$ well spent:banana: I'm pleased with my purchase. Getting the suspension done soon.
  11. Bergy1

    Edelbrock carb unavailable. XR400???

    I wound up purchasing an Edlebrock through Dennis Kirk. Just got it today and plan on putting it on tonight. Probably won't take it out for a spin tonight though, it was 12 degrees last night. I'll let you guys know what I think. Thanks for the reply's and help.
  12. Bergy1

    Edelbrock carb unavailable. XR400???

    The second thing makes sence with what I was told.
  13. Bergy1

    Edelbrock carb unavailable. XR400???

    I don't know, but I was a bit taken aback by what I was told. I had saved up some money to buy the carb and chose to go with Barnums after everything I had heard on this site. I was a little bummed to say the least.
  14. I called Barnums today to order an Edelbrock carb for my xr400 and was told they were out of stock with no idea of when or if they would even stock the carb anymore. They told me to try online to find one. Should I just get the Mikuni. Is Edelbrock still making the carb? Thanks for any input. Also, how hard is it to jet the Mikuni? I live & ride @ 1800 & go to 6000/8500 feet once to twice a year. Thanks again.
  15. Bergy1

    just installed stage 1 cam

    How hard would you say it was to install the cam? I have basic mechanic skills; change clutch, fork fluid, oil, valves, etc... Just curious, because I am thinking of doing this soon. Thanks