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  1. aperdue

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    Installed FCR39MX, MRD/SSW, 3x3, and new graphics:
  2. aperdue

    yet another fcr39mx jetting question

    There was never any question about that Also, I have an extended fuel screw. Does that matter at all? I seem to recall other people mentioning that when asking for help.
  3. aperdue

    yet another fcr39mx jetting question

    I believe this is my setup. I am positive of all but the needle. I am offshore right now but the good news is this answered my question. I shouldn't need to buy a separate jet kit.
  4. I am usually one of those guys that bitches about people not using the search function, but TTs search function in kicking my ass. I currently have a bone stock DRZ400sm. I bought the TT fcr39mx kit and have a MRD/SSW on the way. The instructions in the fcr kit tell you how to set it up with an aftermarket exhaust but it does not mention anything about a 3x3. Does the TT fcr kit come with the parts to jet for the 3x3 and SSW? I am in Houston so sea level and about 90* average. Can anyone tell me what jetting I should use? Thanks for your help
  5. The basic layout, he already has, I just had the colors changed a little, so mine would be somewhat unique I had him remove the swingarm decals, and the full set was less than $170. He is not the best with communication, but if mine come out as good as the other set from 919.... I will be very happy
  6. aperdue

    Stats project on the drz. Please help

    1.) Do you own a DRZ 400? Yep 2.) Gender (male)/(female)? Male 3.) Age? 33 4.) What year is your DRZ? 2006 5.) Would you consider your DRZ to be: (Stock),(lightly modified), (heavily modified)? "heavily modified would entail internal engine work where the other two would not" lightly modified 6.) How many miles are on your DRZ? 5800 7.) Do you perform Regular maintanence on your DRZ? yes 8.) During the time you have owned it, Would you consider your DRZ to be: (Reliable and worry Free), (Somewhat troublesome), (Extremely Troublesome)? reliable and worry free
  7. Have these coming from Kipp at nineoneninedesigns.com in a couple days:
  8. thanks man, I am talking to Kipp about getting a custom set for mine.
  9. Dude, I want those graphics so bad
  10. aperdue

    E wheels on SM?

    Can I take a dirt setup from an 01 e model and use it on am 06 sm model?
  11. aperdue

    What did you BUY for your DRZ today

    Yep. With all the commotion with the Eddie/Epic split, I didn't want to take any chances, and wanted to support TT. Oh yeah, added the case saver combo pack from TT today also
  12. aperdue

    Mrd/SSW how long does it actually take to get it?

    Ordered mine today, we'll see how long it takes em
  13. aperdue

    What did you BUY for your DRZ today

    Ordered FCR39, extended fuel screw and MRD/SSW from TT
  14. aperdue

    Epic Motosports - SSW no more?

    Fair enough...... ordered