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  1. westcoastwizzard

    Smart Carb successful installs

    My bike is in pieces at the moment but I can upload a current pic later this week when i get er back together. As you can see i did a full tear down on my bike. If anyone knows the overall length of the metering rod for the yz 250 smart carb setup id love to know. Also a better throttle cable cheers
  2. westcoastwizzard

    Smart Carb successful installs

    Thanks for the reply kingkabong I wanted to start a new thread as the old ones are so full of personal opinions and fluff. Its hard to sift through to find anything of worth. debating this carb is not what im after. just straight up install information and how it has worked hopefully there is at least a few out there.
  3. westcoastwizzard

    Smart Carb successful installs

    Hello Everyone. Im hoping to hear from anyone who has successfully setup a smart carb on their YZ. Im not sure if APT went under or not but I see they dont list there carbs on the website? Anyhow I purchased a billlet model way back when but never got around to getting it installed. When i ordered the carb i ordered a whack load of parts to mod my 2004 YZ 250. It ended up being a ground up rebuild. So when i finally got er together i had to much on my plate to try and dial in the Smart Carb. My real intrest in this carb is to get away from jetting. I live on Vancouver Island, so riding starts at about just above sea level and ends up 1500ft + pretty quick. So far motor wise I have dropped a complete 2001 wr 426 transmission into my bike added a Athena 293 big bore wiseco crank wiseco billlet clutch boyseen rad valve, water pump 11 0z flywheel weight pro circuit platinum 2 pipe currently have the reed spacer removed as the boyseen rad valve is bigger then the stock. same problem as the apt carb with the air boot. Im hoping someone might know what throttle cable would be a good bet for this setup as my stock cable is a bit short. I read a reference somewhere to using a yz 125 boot to help with the apt carb clearance issue? Any thoughts?
  4. westcoastwizzard

    wr gears in yz250

    I put a complete set of 2001 WR 426 gears in my 2004 YZ 250 (293 Athena Big Bore) overall I like the mod, 1st seems really really short though.
  5. westcoastwizzard

    WR tranny (1st gear case grinding)

    So I did a complete 2001 WR 426 swap, now my clutch doesn't work. I pretty sure the shafts were the same length so not too sure why my clutch is acting up. Any thoughts? Into my 2004 YZ 250 I guess I should add a little detail....the push rod installed fine as did the thrust bearing cap. When you pull in the clutch lever it looks to separate the pressure plate from the plates about 1/8 - 3/16 I have no idea what the correct amount of separation is required for the clutch do fully disengage. I'm using a barnett clutch plates and they do stick from time to time. I just rebuilt the motor so not too sure if that would be the case. Realistically the push lever looks as though it could only separate the pressure plate from the plates around a 1/4 " or so as it can only rotate so far pushing the push rod. So im not sure if this issue is an improperly setup clutch or to do with the wr 426 axle being longer or something.
  6. westcoastwizzard

    What did you do to your YZ 2 stroke today?

    Pulled off my APT Smart Carb, checked the float bowl level. Re-Installed. Hooked up new kill switch. Hoping to dial in the carb and continue breaking in my new build.
  7. I have a GTYR flywheel and it does not fit under my Boyseen cover, Im now using a spacer to run my 11oz flywheel from Sthealy
  8. westcoastwizzard

    Race Tech Fork Springs

  9. westcoastwizzard

    Pro Circuit Platinum 2 Pipe

    Sounds good
  10. westcoastwizzard

    G2 Ergonomics Throttle Cam System

    Trying to cut back on the whiskey throttle
  11. westcoastwizzard

    American Performance Technologies SmartCarb

    So far so good, still trying to dial it in.
  12. westcoastwizzard

    Wiseco Complete Clutch Kit

    Looks Good
  13. westcoastwizzard

    Athena GET Big Bore Cylinder Kit

    Extra Grunt
  14. westcoastwizzard

    Yamaha YZ250 2004

    My first bike is a Beast!