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  1. Got the 04 cleaned up after more hillclimbing and singletrack.
  2. dr11

    Could it be...

    The clamps, exhaust, forks, wheels... Tomac is going to cruise as long as he stays up but I'd like to see at least one more attempt out of 7.
  3. dr11

    Could it be...

    There's some expensive parts on that bike to just be taking pictures.
  4. dr11

    Could it be...

    Maybe something to provide entertainment for what looks like a boring outdoor season?
  5. dr11

    skidplate steel framed yz250

    I'm really wanting a plastic one, have you had any experience with the Hyde racing plastic one?
  6. dr11

    skidplate steel framed yz250

    I'm curious about this also, it would open up more options for a plastic skid.
  7. Went to ride single track today and only hit hills all day...
  8. I weighed the stock 2015 yz450f exhaust vs a fmf 4.1 ti/carbon slip on and it was around 4lbs difference.
  9. dr11

    Clean Steel Frame vs Roached AL frame

    I bought an 05 yz250 and it was in bad shape plus it needed a good bit of work so I got rid of it. Not long after, I found an 04 that was like new and I've been riding it since. I only use it as a woods bike and I love it, I have just as much fun on it in the woods as I do with my 15 450 on the track and I was pretty surprised by that.
  10. dr11

    Did i get a good deal? 12' YZ450F

    Anything other than KTM and Yamaha have horrible resale here. There are 16 rmz's for less than $4500 and hondas are around that same price.
  11. dr11

    2016 yz450 gearing

    For mx I think the stock 13/48 is pretty close for most tracks. Anywhere between that and 13/50 would work fine for almost anywhere in my opinion.
  12. dr11

    Did i get a good deal? 12' YZ450F

    It's all relative to where you live and how the bike market is there. The local market is flooded with tons of newer bikes here and I paid $4500 for a 2015 yz450f with under 20hrs almost a year ago. With there being so many for sale here they are probably going for a lot cheaper here than your area.
  13. dr11

    Should I do this???

    That was my 09 and I let it go for $2500. Like what was posted above, you can get nice suzuki's really cheap. They pop up on Craigslist cheap pretty often.
  14. dr11

    Should I do this???

    It basically feels the same as far as weight but the current yz450f's feel very tall and wide in the middle compared to a Suzuki. At around 6' tall I thought the Suzuki ergos were almost perfect. I'd take a fi Suzuki over any Yamaha 450 until the 2014 model. If the bike you're thinking about buying is in good shape and appears to have been maintained well I'd go for it.
  15. dr11

    Should I do this???

    I rode an 09 rmz450 from 2012 until late 2015 and loved it. I never had a single problem out of it and I'm sure it had to have around 150hrs when I sold it. I bought a 15 yz450f right before I sold it and it's a solid bike with great suspension but doesn't handle anywhere near as well as the Suzuki. I'm not brand loyal at all as I have the 15 450 and an 04 yz250 but I would definitely consider it if I was you.