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  1. J_DOGG

    WR450 on the road?

    Your a$$ is going to be sore doing 20+ on the street.... Highway - should be avoided at all costs, the bike will REV out, knobbies suck at those high speeds and the bike is light so it will get tossed around by the wind and trucks. It's a back road bike at best with knobbies and stock gearing.
  2. J_DOGG

    Whats your opinion?

    I have been told the ZUk is just a tad faster than the TTR but the Zuk needs the BBR springs front and back to be ride-able for anyone 100+ and pushing the bike hard. So in summary They say the TTR has a slightly better suspension than the Zuk out of the box but the Zuk is faster. I'm sure we are talking a minuscule amount of difference in speed but I got the wife the Zuk did the BBR triple clamp to raise the bars and the BBR front and rear springs. I'm 35 years old - 5'10" - 160lbs+ and can ride the thing fine but it has no sack for me cuz my bike is a WR450.... It's still fun for the back yard and on the ice and doing wheelies...
  3. J_DOGG

    Am I evil????

    She does know anyone one, and I mean anyone, can ride on 4wheels.. SHAME!!!!!
  4. J_DOGG

    snowscooter slams

    It looks easy until you start punching the gas heading for the jump.... Looks like he is wearing a first generation THOR Impact Rig se chest protector.... Mine is still on back order!!!!!
  5. J_DOGG

    Winter Riding

    Get a full face helmet with a heated sheild....if you have a battery... I use my snowmobile helmet and cloths for the most part.... Just stay off the snowmobile ONLY trails. Real deep snow sucks IMO but I ride mostly ice anyway...
  6. MY Thor Impact Rig SE is still on back order.... they have been telling me it will be in in two weeks for a month and a half..... I got it mainly for the ICE... FYI - I was told MSR was Malcom Smith Racing also many years ago and no one has ever corrected me. I think he is right.
  7. J_DOGG

    Evans - Dumbest Rider Ever?

    Two midgets fighting, how cute!!!!
  8. From my personal experience - Dealers do not want to deal with making your dirt bike street legal. They want to sell you the bike and be done with it. In fact after a little bit of research I knew more about the process than the so called expert ninja master paperwork lady that worked at the dealer ship. Her jaw literally dropped to the floor when I showed up looking for my inspection sticker only two weeks after I picked up the WR450. She still never paid me the $100 I bet her when I was loading it in my trailer on the day of delivery. I basically walked in to my town hall with the Blue slip that says "not for street use" on it and asked to register the bike. All they asked my was how many cylinders it was, I assume so they could charge me accordingly. Now all I do is keep the registration current and they will never need to see the blue slip again. Every state is different I live in NH the "Live Free or Die" state so it's all good up here. ossidog 15/42 gearing, what is your tope speed at? I'm interested since the companies are all tryn to push the 44 rear on me.
  9. J_DOGG

    Troy Lee Design Helmets?

    You are payn for the paint job.... nothing special about them other than that IMO....
  10. J_DOGG

    What was your first bike?

    1989 Ninja 900...just like the one in the movie Top Gun... I took my street test on the thing and the guy grading was very impressed....
  11. J_DOGG

    studding a set of tires for winter.

    Correction to an earlier post about screws:::you will need more screws for the front tire not the back.... Even if you double up two per knob..the front will require more screws... I use the gold screws on the wifes DRZ125L and they stay in good. The WR450 gets full on hot glued spiked tires.... too much power for the screws IMO... ICS IS A BLAST!!!!!
  12. J_DOGG


    The BBR triple clamp works nice. I used that for my wifes DRZ125L cuz I wanted to retain the stock bars and was getting the front fork springs and rear shock spring anyway.
  13. J_DOGG

    Quick Question for you Motard Guys

    Seeing how I got my free mod only 04 WR450 with ice tires going 72 mph on the ice with the stock 14/50 gearing. I would say 120MPH to 140MPH should be achievable with the right gearing. IMO - Motard bikes are more about the perfect balance between bottom end grunt out of the hole and the top end rev limit. Top end should not be an issue unless you are riding on the highway all the time and although it sounds like fun I tried it a few times and decided to buy a street bike for that commute.
  14. J_DOGG

    Steering Stabilizers

    Yup and that is why I got the scotts with the scotts triple clamp, works perfect!
  15. J_DOGG

    First time jetting

    I have an 04 WR450 and run all stock except the needle and main... the bike runs good, I'm sure it could be better but it runs good with just the basic JD kit. You can go crazy with jetting or just jet to get the job done, the choice is yours.