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    Obviously riding my bike,fishing ,guns. I am going to make it a priority to visit as many of the National Parks as I can before I depart this place.

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  1. Perhaps next fall I have reservations at the same campgrounds that we stayed at last spring ,same cabin actually. Scott and friends are going to be there as well.
  2. That tree just had the urge to reach out and touch somebody !! LOL!! I experienced that feeling in Moab one time,you know that last ride before departing,isn't that SPECIAL,said in the church lady voice.
  3. Got a call last week from an old riding buddy ,he said a bunch of the guys were getting together on Sunday for Christmas ,so I went ,and found that there were 21 guys from my old MX racing club there ,the bad news was that only about 3 or 4 of us still ride off road some don't even ride street anymore. I guess as we age the herd thins out , I did make a couple of connections ,so maybe I'll have some new riding partners when the weather allows.
  4. Yeah hopefully he is healed up enough for our annual spring ride he's got 6 month's ,get with it trailrydr LOL!!
  5. Huskydog14

    New Member Ireland

    Thank You,I would like that.
  6. Huskydog14

    New Member Ireland

    Welcome James, Great looking bike . Hope to visit Ireland some day have roots there ,as well as in the UK and Spain.
  7. Gonna ride with CJ and the Pilot? I doubt that they will want to make the trip,we are going to be pretty far south in Cloudcroft New Mexico. It's a group that regularly meets in the spring for a ride mostly in Moab,but we were looking for a change of pace.
  8. And their bars are cut to around 30"
  9. That's for riding local and by that I mean within 100 miles ,and I do a lot of that,Ihave a place just 20 minutes from my house.and then I do at least 2 or 3 trips out west each year and those trips can get very expensive but like was said earlier I don't care because it's what I like doing so unless it get crazy expensive I don't care. Next spring we are going to New Mexico to ride and then in the summer I will probably go to Colorado, and I already have reservations in Moab in the fall.
  10. yes i thought he was from Kansas,and I saw him in some of your photos etc that's why I mentioned him. The videos were on you tube.
  11. Huskydog14

    Does your wife/GF ride motorsports or nah?

    We have a group that usually meets somewhere each spring I really look forward to it .This year we are trying a new place in New Mexico a switch up from our usual Moab trip,we are going to hit that in the fall for a change. I do love riding in Colorado and can't wait to get back there maybe this summer.
  12. was looking at some videos over the weekend and Paul Goodchild (I think thats his name) had several videos posted,it looked very wet to say the least.
  13. Huskydog14

    Does your wife/GF ride motorsports or nah?

    My wife really enjoyed riding quads she was initiated at Silver Lake Sand dunes in Michigan. We had one quad and rented one for her ,we accidentally got into a section that was lots of high walled bermed curves one right after another ,I told her just go as fast as you can and hold on,she was hooked from that point forward.My son's wife and daughter both ride. And when we go to Moab each year we have some women that ride with us as well. No More quads though.
  14. Huskydog14

    Haystack in Roswell?

    the week of May 12th