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    Obviously riding my bike,fishing ,guns. I am going to make it a priority to visit as many of the National Parks as I can before I depart this place.

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  1. Huskydog14


    Hey Huck was in your area just yesterday but was on my way home from NC riding Brown Mtn there not too far from Boone NC ,I stopped at my friends house in Somerset and spent the night . Brown Mtn was a lot of fun lots of rock climbing almost reminded me of the outcrops in Moab.
  2. I'll be checking craigs list in Cincinnati and I'll look at Indy and Louisville as well.
  3. The riding at Brown Mtn in NC was great ,It is very difficult riding for sure lots of rock climbing almost like Moab to some degree,On our 2nd day of riding I got a flat tire about 5 miles in ,but they are one way trails so there is no turning around and going backwards,so I ran the rest of the day on a flat about 20 miles probably,making some of the rock climbs slippery to say the least.Then came the storm with thunder and lightning,we made it back to the parking lot just in time before the real rain started to fall. I'd go back again ,we didn't get to see all of the trails that we wanted to ride.There are 10 trails I think we got to ride 4 of them.
  4. That SUCKS !! Hopefully they will find it, did you have insurance? That is the only reason I have my bikes insured. What type of bike shoot a pic and post it Tbahr,maybe we can help to find it by searching Craigs list etc.
  5. Huskydog14


    Who's bike is that?
  6. Huskydog14


    I've not been to Budds Creek but as far as hard to get to High Point in Pa is not a piece of cake, I'm surprised that the semi's make it in and out of that place ,but the track is awesome.
  7. This one is for Weezer and anyone that is an Adventure rider,it's in Canyonlands National Park just south of Moab,I saw a motorcycle video of it but it was much too long to post,also the guy that did it on an ADV bike said the best time to ride it was at sunset and wow was he ever right ,his shots were amazing The motorcycle video was" everide ADV Moab #3" He actually starts out doing some footage in a Ford Raptor truck but switches to a motorcycle later in the video.
  8. Huskydog14


    I have rented 4 wheelers out of Park City ,it's been probably 10 years ago though but the guy had advertising at one of those places where you can get all of the pamplets on things to do around the area. he rented snowmobiles 4 wheelers and ski doos. He was outside of park City about 1/2 hour NE . I don't remember the name though sorry.
  9. A lot of the riding in Colorado is very similiar to that, only you are not looking at a river just down the side of the Mtn. Lots of off camber trails on the side of a Mtn especially in the Taylor Park area. It takes a little getting used to,but you just have to ride like it's a regular trail and not get freaked out.
  10. Huskydog14


    Yeah ain't that a crock, He won Red Budd this year and that where the MXDN is being held ,He has pissed off someone over there !! I saw a statement that he made about it, he's pissed but being very cool about it and not trying to stir the pot.
  11. I think that I could do it but it would be very slow ,there were sections that didn't look to bad but for the most part a bad ass trail for sure.
  12. At 6:10 you actually see him fly by the quad and can tell that the bike is much faster but Tom Brown certainly ain't no slouch on a quad
  13. There is a couple of videos of Trey Canard racing a pro quad guy somewhere I don't remember the results
  14. Huskydog14

    What did I do wrong..

    I liked the other video better the one from warp 9 She was way hotter !! And I still don't know what she said LOL!!
  15. Check out the quads in the GNCC races sometime.