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  1. Hokie

    Moab Monday, Oct 10th - Friday Oct 14th

    Looks like I can meet up with you guys on Friday! Me and the family will be in Moab Oct. 13-16th for some Mtn. biking for the Mrs. (I got the moab moto trip in the spring) But I can get the moto out on Friday. Any idea of what the order of your rides is going to be? We are staying in Moab.
  2. Hokie

    Gods Speed Jpen

    I just found out about this today. God speed Jary, it was a pleasure riding with you (actually, being blown off the trail by you!) and working on the RMEC with you. You will be missed. Tim W.
  3. Hokie

    Winter is killing me... How is yours?

    Winter has been pretty good down here! It is the summer I am dreading....
  4. Please send me a PM. The Mrs. may be due for an upgrade. Thanks.
  5. Hokie

    What, no Sidney race reports

    shh, don't tell anyone... I still have the pingers though, "just in case" Things here are pretty good, getting too hot for my liking though right now.
  6. Hokie

    What, no Sidney race reports

    I love that bike at the MX track, VERY fast. I may even go race a MX race this Saturday, we'll see.... Not sure about offroading it since it has no kickstarter, just a e-button. Maybe some HS races would be good.
  7. Hokie

    What, no Sidney race reports

    Hey what's up? How was baja? What's up with me? Well...... PS - Getting HOT here now, summer is upon us. I bet the weather is just about perfect there now.
  8. Hokie

    505 Sx-f

    I see one! Munn Racing Rocks! PS - That bike is a ROCKET!
  9. Hokie

    Not exactly Motorcylce related...

    There is a hut owned by CMC (Colorado Mountain Club) up at Brainard lake, but they are major greenies and hate dirtbikers. Just FYI so you don't go there.
  10. Hokie

    Toy Hauler in CO and Mtns

    I have a 27' (overall) length toyhauler and I basically ripped the steps off of it in Moab. D^mn Cummins has soo much torque didn't even realize it.... Anyway, for real tight stuff I wouldn't be taking it anywhere.
  11. Hokie

    Taylor Park Pass

    I live in North Austin, right near Round Rock, TX. Haven't ridden the trails down there yet but it is on the list of things to do. Sounds like your Brother in law has it made!
  12. Hokie

    Taylor Park Pass

    Ha! Austin is shut down for the second day in a row due to some freezing rain. I actually went to work yesterday and the drive was great, no idiot TX drivers on the roads! Got sent home from work yesterday at 2PM and delayed until at least 12 today. Too funny.
  13. Hokie

    Taylor Park Pass

    Good thing I am an original Virginia Redneck then!
  14. Hokie

    Taylor Park Pass

    Me too, just will have to pay the "repatriation" fee upon my return to CO.
  15. Hokie

    I'm moving to Mexico

    oooh, Friday night, me and a bottle of WT109.....