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  1. stk0308

    Replacement tank YZ426F

    I don't think any of the 450 tanks will work. But, that's only a guess. I was in the same boat you are when I got my 2001 YZ426. I caught a stock 426 tank on e-bay for a decent price. But, that was around 8 years ago now. Good hunting!
  2. Very detailed explanation, for those interested, below. Short question, does this look like freeze damage to the outside of the head? It did have exposure to a few nights below 25 deg with only water and Water Wetter in it. My heating source in the garage failed. Ignore the splatter on the header, I made a bit of a mess changing over to Engine Ice this afternoon. After the change I gambled, and fired the bike up. It ran great! Warmed up, no obvious mist out the exhaust. Idled great. Response was good. Watching the danger area I notice it did start to seep once warm. Here's the post run picture. That is a fresh drop of Engine Ice. I shut it down before it could decide to put out more, or swell up and seal(yeah, wishful thinking) Ugh. I can catch a nail on the vertical crack looking thing. But it could be casting imperfection that I just don't remember. So, what do you all thing? Am I boned? I'm already so upside down in this bike, if it's even possibly terminal I'll never get over it. Looking for any ideas, short of tearing it apart, on what to do next. Ride it til it quits? Put a smear of JB Weld over the suspicious crack type thing? Re-torque the head down? So, here's the detailed timeline. Last year, in the early fall I finally decide to bite the bullet and go after the 4th gear slip in my bike by dropping it off at my favorite Yamaha dealer. Sure enough, bent forks, most of the gears, and shafts are damaged. While we have the bike apart they find the small end of the rod was starting to gaul. I figure, I'll just have them fix it up, and not worry about it for the next few years. So new rod, piston, rings, valves, springs, cam chain, the works. When it's all done, I pick it up, and it's fun again! I've got it set up for supermoto, so some hooning around the neighborhood, and in some back parking lots, and I'm enjoying the bike again. A few weeks later I take it to Gateway Motorsports Park, our local roadcourse, to get in some track time. Albeit at a sportbike event, but, I'm geared for just over 100mph. It's not a big track. I've done it before with the supermoto. No problem. I get all registered, and ready for my first session. The bike won't start. A whole day of kicking. Then tearing down, and cleaning as best I can, the carb. Nothing. Much disappointment. Back to the dealer with my hat in my hand. They have to put the carb in a sonic cleaner to clear the gelatinous goo that the gas has turned into inside the jets. Not the first time they've seen gas go this bad that quickly. I take a quick hoon around the neighborhood, all is well. I drain the tank, and carb, and put it up for the winter. Now, I knew I had them put water and Water Wetter in the bike because I wasn't certain the trackday would accept Engine Ice. I put a portable baseboard heater next to the bike, and watched the wall thermometer on the wall next to the bike, because the garage is only walls and a roof. No real insulation. Last winter was a cold one. One morning I saw below 25 deg in the garage. The baseboard heater had failed. There might have been moisture on the floor under the bike. I get another baseboard heater, and keep the YZ area of the garage above freezing the rest of the winter. Cut to now, because I haven't had the time, or heart, to investigate. I dump what was is the cooling system. It's slightly orange/pink and has a lot of sediment. I go ahead and fill the bike back up with Engine Ice and it only seems to seep around the suspicious spot. It runs great. Right now.
  3. I did very much the same thing to reduce a nick on my '01 YZ426 fork tube. I used a little bit of suspension fluid, but same deal. Did a figure 8 kinda motion. Did not scrub hard to make a low spot in the overall tube, just polish out the raised nick. New seals in at the same time. No leaks since.
  4. stk0308

    Flat track wheels

    Most dirt track tires I know of are 19"
  5. This is one hell of a cut and paste from the Yamaha website, and full of corporate spin to make them look good. As one would expect from their own cheerleader site(where ever it was copied from). It took a German to teach the Japanese about 2 stroke resonance. In the very early 60's. Suzuki was the forward thinkers who stole this for the Japanese commune. Dual purpose bikes were known as scramblers before the DT1. They were made by British manufacturers. Husky and KTM were laying the groundwork, and technology, for "modern" 4 strokes before Yamaha jumped on the wagon The bit of corp speak quoted above misses that KTM and Husky also still support the 2 stroke addicts with new models every year.
  6. stk0308

    Is Stewart going to be going for the SuperMoto win?

    I have a feeling it'll probably go that way. Hopefully he doesn't hurt himself.
  7. stk0308

    Pro Sportbike Suspension?

    They may not appear to be big bumps to a dirt rider, but the ripples and rolls created by cars(F1, prototype, etc) are very upsetting when they're riding that finite edge of control. Suspension setup is a huge concern.
  8. stk0308

    David Knight leaving BMW??????????????????

    Yeah, such a crappy bike that Juha is 2nd in Enduro2 on a BMW. Clearly it's the bike at fault
  9. stk0308

    No Toil Filter Products ???

    Why use gas when it's a water soluble agent?
  10. stk0308

    Why dont you race?

    I started racing supermoto last year. Got 2 races in this year and our series got shut down by the track I could do some harescrambles, still have the dirt wheels, but I'm like the other MO answer here, not motivated to be 2 hours away from home at 7am to register. And I don't have the confidence in my abilities to ride a good pace in the dirt. MX/SX never appealed to me, so it'd have too be through the woods type stuff. Still wanna do supermoto again though.
  11. stk0308

    James Stewart supermoto pic

    Thinking he better be well armored up if he's actually going to race. Judging from his previous habits of crashing when racing up to speed.
  12. stk0308

    Motard? I don't get it?

    That and gyroscopic forces. A 21 is going to get harder and harder to turn off it's axis the faster you spin it, compared to a 17.
  13. stk0308

    Motard? I don't get it?

    You don't have to slide them. Sometimes you just flick, switch, twist and go. But yes, it's harder to slide them. It all starts with weight transfer, get the back end light, go down a gear and slip the clutch to make the rear wheel turn juuuuust a bit too slow to get it going. It's not really about rear brake sliding. That's a quick way to highside city.
  14. stk0308

    where are sheheen/emig??

    Ralph is still with Speed. We who watched World Superbike had to endure him this weekend.
  15. stk0308

    Motards=taller gears?

    I think I computed top speed to be around 100-110 mph. No onboard speedometer. http://www.gearingcommander.com/ At the track I was at I only used 1st to get out of the pits. I ended up rolling around in 5th most of the time, with an occational downshift to 4th.