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  1. Pitboard

    Stator Confusion?

    http://www.outsidedistributing.com/SearchResults.asp?Search=stators&Submit= Hope that helps
  2. Pitboard

    Ssr125A1 engine type?

    Does it look like http://www.outsidedistributing.com/SearchResults.asp?Search=125+engine&Submit=
  3. Pitboard

    Chinese Bikes

    You guys don't get it. The Chinese units are aimed at the youth market. Get kids riding. Your favorite big brand can't compete or should I say "don't want to" You ride what you can afford. They will get through this stage. Just remember your Japan made bikes were the crap of the market. I know because that is what I started on. It still created my love for the sport. Triumph Norton and others lost their way and are trying to come back strong. Harley is worried that the boomers are leaving. Why do you think they are trying an e-bike. People and attitudes change.
  4. Pitboard

    Chinese Bikes

    Old bikes need fixing and old Brand name bikes have the very expensive parts. Honda could sell the a $600.00 ATV but that kills thehuge parts price wall they have built. Same for all the others. They are pricing themselves out of the present day market. It's just like the stock market. The public sets the price. If they don't bend they will slowly fail.
  5. www.outsidedistributing.com sells all these parts in Canada and USA through every dealership serviced by Kimpex an Gamma in Canada and Marshall Distributing, Southern Motorcycle Supply and J&M ATV supply in the United States. That lets you walk into about 7,000 bike shops and source the part you need. Quality liability insured parts. Good dealers don't mess around with no-name parts from who knows where.
  6. Pitboard

    Chinese Bikes

    If you keep the negative attitude about Chinese units we will have very few in the sport in 10 years. Old guys like me are just about done riding. There are a lot of us in this position. We ride the big toys. Who is following us that can afford these units. How many of you have young kids? Are they like us bustin to get on a unit and ride every chance they get OR are they the normal new age kid that has a cell phone tweeting and taking selfies to pass the time. Is your kid happier riding on X-Box. The Chinese unit is the entry level to our sport now. Branded 90cc ATV $3000.00 Chinese 110cc ATV $600.00. Are you going to spend big coin to see if kid likes riding. The facts are clear the old guys are going and the kids aren't starting. With no riders filling the pipeline the industry is winding down. Big dealers are now embracing these Chinese units in order to keep kids riding. It's thanks to the big parts suppliers like Marshall Distributing, Southern Motorcycle Supply and J&M ATV Supply all of them carry quality parts for these Chinese units. The kids are our future get them outside and riding. (end of rant)
  7. Pitboard

    chinese bikes for everyone

    Today is a big one 66,000 2014 Harley's are being recalled. "Dealer News"
  8. Pitboard

    chinese bikes for everyone

    July 2/14 Dealer News Suzuki recall
  9. Pitboard

    chinese bikes for everyone

    BMW follows R 1200 RT "do not sell" notice with formal recall. June 30, 2014 BMW recalls Maxi Scooters for engine noise, stalling issues. June 30, 2014. That's 1 brand on 1 day. Read www.dealernews.com and you will see all the big brands going through these issues.
  10. Pitboard

    chinese bikes for everyone

    If you are up to date on the big brand OEM recalls you will know that every brand this year has had major issues. Bit like GM. They are not as perfect as some of you paint them to be.
  11. Pitboard


    Try http://www.outsidedistributing.com/
  12. Pitboard

    Need help with brakes.. Chinese pit bike

    Try http://www.outsidedistributing.com/SearchResults.asp?Search=brake+lever&Submit= Then look for pads??
  13. Pitboard

    1987 TRX 70 bypass ignition key?

    A safer solution is just replace the switch http://www.outsidedistributing.com/SearchResults.asp?Search=key+switch&Submit=
  14. Pitboard

    Sprocket Difficulties!

    Good selection here http://www.outsidedistributing.com/SearchResults.asp?Search=sprockets&Submit= and chains http://www.outsidedistributing.com/SearchResults.asp?Search=chain&Submit=
  15. Pitboard


    High Performance CDI might help http://www.outsidedistributing.com/CDI_Box_4_Stroke_5_Pin_p/08-0109-hp.htm