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  1. rroeckel

    50, 51, or 52

    Those are great responses thanks.
  2. rroeckel

    50, 51, or 52

    Hi folks. I hope this isn't a stupid question but I have a '16 300XC and while I love the bike, I do think for the very slow riding I do or get into that 1st gear could use a little help. I'm not fast is likely my problem but that's what I have to deal with. I'm looking to change the rear chainring from a 50 to a 51. Do you folks think that would be enough to feel a difference or should I jump right to a 52? Thanks...
  3. I've over heated my bike a couple of times this year and noticed (not surprisingly) that the coolant isn't reaching the top of the radiator when cold. I presume it should. Can I just add coolant or do I need to flush and add entirely? It's a 16 with around 55 hours on it. My issue with flushing is what to do with the used coolant. I certainly don't want to put it down the drain and I'm not sure my recycling center takes coolant, they don't take a lot of stuff besides engine oil.
  4. rroeckel

    Why Spark Plugs Can Make or Break Your Bike

    OK, so I have a '16 KTM 300xc and after 2 years, I just replaced the stock plug. It showed signs of oil fouling according to that popular chart of various plug conditions. It looked very closely to the very first upper left picture. I changed the plug with a NGK iridium and was going to change the needle position because I almost always run in that throttle range (above idle to 3/4), rarely do I crack it wide open. But then I thought, I should wait to see if what the result would be using the iridium plug. I'm thinking it should be a more efficient burn including the oil as well. I'm running spec Motorex 15w50 60:1 oil/gas (Chevron Supreme 91 octane). Was this a correct decision to wait and see or should I just go ahead and move the clip up one position now? Thanks....
  5. rroeckel

    The Hand

    Another thing to consider is I doubt anyone on this forum is actually using the same tires that Roczen and Tomac use. Dunlop race tires are not sold to the public. I'm not a fan of Dunlop production tires either though.
  6. Sounds to me like all you want is to be justified in your thinking that most of the discretionary income should go to dirt biking. "You could get a lot done around a house with 15 thousand dollars, but we find ourselves spending that on dirt bikes and of the such." Do spend $15k a year on dirt biking? Or is that the total between you two so far? If the former, your mom certainly has a valid complaint I think and so would your wife. If the latter, then you need to think about a balance of priorities. You're not bad people but maybe selfish. Marriage is a partnership in all aspects of life, or should be if you want a happy and successful marriage. Also, I would think YOUR money is your money to spend as you wish but if you're living at home, you should be helping around the house, whether you work or not. Otherwise, you're a leach. You father should be too. You really don't know everything that goes into housework and raising kids and from your post, I think you're pretty clueless about it all and take your mom for granted. I hope you dad isn't doing that too.
  7. rroeckel

    Gearing & flywheel weight advice? YZ250

    Yeah, I'm an older rider too and put a G2 on my 300xc, to tame it down after coming off a Honda CRF250X. I rode it about a year with it and then put the stock throttle cam back in just a few rides ago but also found I wanted the stock yellow spring because I found the red spring was still too much for me. I know, I'm a 59 (next month) year old wimp. The reason I went back to stock is I found once I got used to the power, as motoxvet said, the slower rotation was actually holding me back some in the harder trail sections and obstacles that we ride. Now, the bike is truly awesome for me. That all said, I'm glad I had the G2 for the year to allow me to get used to the bike. Also, I only started riding at age 54, so I don't have the years of experience and fitness for the sport that most of you have. BTW, I still have my 250X, I keep it for the ridiculous green sticker season here in Calif. I really like that bike too.
  8. rroeckel

    Mario Roman Wins Valongo Extreme

    I'm sure I'd still lose, pretty easily.
  9. rroeckel

    Do They Need Aldon?

    The suck part is the athletes who get bumped up to medal positions afterward. They miss the experience of the medal ceremony. That suck for them personally, their family/friends, and for their sponsors.
  10. rroeckel

    Do They Need Aldon?

    Remove the medal from around his neck, rip the jersey of his uniform off their back (women, please wear bras so it can be shown on TV), and walk down a hall of shame as the other athletes spit on you. Oh, if you didn't know, I really hate dopers/cheaters.
  11. rroeckel

    cr250 chain roller

    Just looking at the picture you could tell the chain needs to go over and not under. Funny how sometimes we're too close to the problem to see the obvious solution. Glad you figured it out.
  12. rroeckel

    Is red bull a cult?

    I see a lot of those cans discarded along roads, in parks, and left on the tables in our cafeteria here at work. Some Monster and lots of Coca-Cola too. However, here in Oakland, most the recycle rubbish on the streets are empty beer cans. I can't understand it, it tastes horrible and I think is proven to be bad for your health before drinking too many of them. As far as a cult, no, they charge a lot for a cheaply made product. The profits are huge.
  13. rroeckel

    So much for the epic comeback

    Click bate
  14. rroeckel

    Guesses on Roczen's Injury

    Even if what you say is true, and I don't think many of us doubt Roczen was trying to slide his rear wheel around and into Webb when it caught a rut, grabbed traction and launched. It was STILL Roczen being overly aggressive and taking out Webb because he was trying to retaliate against Webb's aggressive pass in just the prior turn. I'm sure he didn't mean it to end like it did, and he may not even meant to try to take out Webb but he certainly wanted to make contact, in my opinion. AND yes, I've watched the video several times and this is my humble opinion of what happened. All without mind reading Roczen to know for sure. Also, I'm sure something must have happened to Roczen in the race start's first turn, but it was Roczen who started that chain reaction that took down Tomac and the others. I guess he was just having a bad night.
  15. rroeckel

    Guesses on Roczen's Injury

    I don't like him because of his passing style. This is just my opinion after watching him but when he goes for a pass, he seems to aim to take the other's front wheel out. Even when Bam-Bam Barcia makes a pass, as with Tomac a couple of races ago, he slams into the mid of the bike (usually) or rides you up high. Anderson cuts in front and slides his rear wheel in front of his opponent's front wheel, forcing him back off. Smart? Maybe, but I personally don't like passes that are meant to crash your opponent. If he just passed and rode in front closing the door, that would be one thing, but too many times, he's sliding that rear wheel around to kick out the other's front wheel. I just don't like it and it's just my opinion, yours may vary.