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  1. knightrider092

    Vet track in New England?

    Been looking for the same
  2. knightrider092

    Decompression cable

    That is my current setup
  3. knightrider092

    Decompression cable

    My issues are usually cold starts....fires right up when warm...wonder if I should get a new cable and install it
  4. knightrider092

    Decompression cable

    Good to know thanks
  5. knightrider092

    Decompression cable

  6. knightrider092

    Decompression cable

    Sorry guys for late​ response....it's an 1985 XR 350r.... There is a decompression cable going to the head then down behind the kicker .. the decompression cable is connected at the head but disconnected behind the kicker... Decompression does work as I can feel the difference...was more curious of why it's attached at the bottom by the kicker....I'll have to get a photo tonight..I'll see if I have any currently
  7. knightrider092

    Decompression cable

    Could someone please explain what the purpose of the decompression cable to the clutch? Mine is currently disconnected....want to make sure it's not damaging anything
  8. knightrider092

    Taillight wires

    Where is the taillight wires on the harness side....I have no taillight just want to make sure it's not shorting out.... 1985 XR 350
  9. knightrider092

    First ride after mini resto

    Ran absolutely excellent
  10. knightrider092


  11. knightrider092

    Electrical ground

    Awesome thanks so much
  12. knightrider092

    Electrical ground

    Thanks Chuck.... That's the exact reason why I was asking
  13. knightrider092

    DG R series exhaust

    Quick picture of how the exhaust came out
  14. knightrider092

    Electrical ground

    Where is the ground located on a 85 XR 350? TIA
  15. knightrider092


    New/used isolator finally installed