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  1. Anyone know where I can download or watch it or even future air times. I cannot find it on directv anymore. Would they really only air it once? Thanks
  2. suade907

    2010 Joliet MX Schedule

    How is the track this year. I practiced there quite a few times with my bud and even raced once a few years ago. But my old butt has a hard time keeping the arm pump away. Should be there this year with my kids though.
  3. suade907

    Has anyone sold a vid to a reality show?

    Check Break.com they have pricing for what they will pay you for your videos with and without releasing your rights to it. I'm sure if it's a one of a kind video or movie you made you could get much more but if it's just a backyard accident video it's prob between 200 and a $1000 depending on if you sell them the rights as well.
  4. suade907

    OGM Sx150 Pro

    Bought mine early last year. It's the best china bike I've had. Runs strong power wise. Will rip up the front wheel in 2nd at will. It's held up pretty good since then. Haven't raced it but have rode it at the track a few times. Feels like a mini 450. Suspension is pretty plush as well.
  5. suade907

    2008 TE 450 Air Box repair

    I started to remove everything and gave up. What I did was take some black muffler heat wrap and used gorrila glue and glued it right to the airbox where it melted and so far it's worked great. I used duck tape to hold it in place cause that gorrila glue likes to expand. I had to wipe the inside of the airbox every few minutes cause the glue was oozing through the hole. Looks sweet now. The duck tape came right off as well. I thought I might of had a problem with it but it was fine.
  6. suade907

    WR250R or TE250

    IMO I think the TE will suit you better but My 08 TE250 get's buzzy above 45mph on the street. I don't like to ride there long on the street unless I'm connecting trails. Otherwise the bike is great. It feels light and nimble. But not near as light or nimble as a YZ250f. It's a good bike. A WR will most likely be a lot like your DRZ. If you were extremely happy with that I'd stick with that sort of bike.
  7. suade907

    TE 250 dual sport maintenance?

    I'd say try and pick up a TE610 used on the cheap. The maintenance is much less than a TE250. It holds more oil and the motor is much smoother as well as the ride. It can still be ridden on the trails as well. I have a 08 TE250 and If you don't plan to ride above 40 for any length of time it will be ok but the constant shifting of the close ratio gearbox will drive you nuts on the street. I only ride mine on the road to connect trails. On the other hand I have a KTM 450 exc with a wide ratio gearbox that I ride everywhere all the time. That gearbox makes a big difference. The ktm still shakes a bunch due to the tires not being balanced and gets a head shake at 55 plus. My bro has a 08 te610 and it was like riding a sportbike when it was new it was so smooth.
  8. Nice bike. I was planning on a new 510 smr next year. Do they all come with the dual pipes now. Personally I'm not a big fan but still a awesome bike.
  9. suade907

    trail riding on a pit bike?

    Wow this thread is still coming up. I finally took my g2moto up to michigan a while back. I was letting my 14 year old nephew ride it pretty much the whole day. The next day I hopped on it and something was just off. It was making loud rattling noises. Much louder than normal and mind you this thing is pretty loud to begin with. I couldn't believe my nephew didn't say anything about the noise. I guess that is a 14 year old for you. I ended up pulling over and sure enough the engine was wobbling around. I had lost 2 motor mount bolts and 2 frame bolts and the rest all loosened. That sucker was rocking back and forth i was amazed it was still in there. I was amazed cause I blue lock tightened every bolt on the bike. That sucker vibes like crazy!! I haven't rode it since. But since then I went out and bought a TTR90 for my daughter and while it's not a adult sized bike it's so nice to ride. It runs smooth and perfect all day. Plus the seat is very cushy. Now that I look back I kind of wished i had bought a used ttr125 and put some better springs on it. But oh well I guess you live and learn.
  10. suade907

    Husqvarna Sunday Ride Topic

    I have a husky and a katoom. I don't even have a sportbike anymore. And drive a Nissan Frontier. I guess you could say I'm a pretty regular guy by your standards. I'm 37 and have tried coffee when I was a kid but never have had it in the morning as an adult. My morning jolt is usually a coke and a smile. I'd have to say i have to much practical sense to buy a starbucks coffee or a energy drink even for that matter(cost too damn much). I gotta save any money I can for bike stuff, when I was younger it used to be cars but now that I'm older I like the bikes, cars cost too much and I get 10x the fun out of my bikes with far less tickets. I'd have to say that Husky owners in general are just more informed. As a group we generally know what we want.
  11. suade907

    2009 TE310 or TE450

    I guess it depends on you most of all. What you prefer is a big ? for us. I have a 08 TE250 and a 07 KTM 450EXC. I love both of my bikes. I prefer my 250 for any woods riding especially the tighter stuff. The power is plenty good but it's no where near as good on the road as my KTM. That sucker is just a blast on the street as well as the fire roads and stuff. So I guess I'll agree with the other guys If I had to ride higher gears most of the day I'd go with the bigger bike but if I rode 4 and down most of the time I'd go with a smaller bike. I ride my 250 with guys on 450's all the time down snowmobile trails, singletrack and roads and overall it's a great bike. I can't complain. But if you plan to ride alot on the street plan on it getting buzzy at 45+ MPH. The gearing is setup for the woods not the street so you are pulling some R's above 45 something like 7500 worth.
  12. suade907


    Yeah my 250 is screaming 7500 rpm at 45 or so. I'm sure it will do 70-80 but above 40-45 it get's a little buzzy. Definitely needs a gear change for street riding but on the trails or dirt bike track the gearing is perfect for me.
  13. suade907


    I don't have a 310 but I have a 08 250 with the power up kit. For me the bike is perfect but I don't race and just mainly ride the enduro trails. I'd say it doesn't have the hit a 250 race bike will give you but the power is definitely close to my old 07 yz250f. I had one of those as well. But for what it does it does well. The power delivery is perfect for the woods and you won't get beat riding it all day.
  14. suade907

    SMR510 bog from idle

    You may want to also try and call your local dealer or go there and buy something just to get them to work with you. I'm sure they have the setup for your area already figured out.
  15. Awesome that speed thing is what I was looking for. Thanks And yes I meant Hulu.com it's a web site to watch most tv shows on the web.