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  1. Thanks. Maybe a CRF230F kick stand would fit better now. Just adding knobbies alone makes the 230L stand short.
  2. How much did it raise the back of the bike? Also curious if you compared shock lengths while they were both out. I'd love to raise mine a bit and gain a little travel and ground clearance. Any pics of just the shock, or the shock installed would be great.
  3. woodsroller

    XR's Only

    The XR's Only Smog Removal Kit allows for fairly easy removal of all of the extra emissions related gear on this bike. The key to the kit is a billet cap for the head, the rest of the kit is a few rubber caps and optional bolts. The directions are confusing and I used a knowledgeable friend and better instructions on a forum to get through it.
  4. woodsroller

    XR's Only

    3 reviews

    GENERAL INFORMATION The XR's Only Smog Block Off Kit allows for removal of extra emissions equipment.
  5. Thanks for posting this. You aren't the only one looking to upgrade the 230L rear shock and hopefully Cogent has recorded all the specs to make more so other people having to send their shock in.
  6. woodsroller

    FMF Racing Q4 Spark Arrestor Full System

    FMF Q4 muffler and FMF Power Bomb Header... The fitment was excellent. Installation was easy with no surprises, no rigging, no hassles. Deeper, throatier sound with some possible power gain. Weight loss advantage over stock. The stock muffler is shockingly heavy in comparison. No more rusty look to the stock header pipe, no more clunky looking heat shield on the stock header. FMF muffler works fine with stock turn signals, stock jetting, and even all the stock smog stuff still on the bike.
  7. woodsroller

    MSR Aluminum Shift Lever

    MSR folding aluminum shift lever intended for a YZ80 or YZ85. Aftermarket CRF230F lever do not work well on the 230L. This YZ80 lever has a good bend that gets out away from the engine case.
  8. woodsroller

    Honda TLR200 1986

  9. woodsroller

    Honda TLR200 (1986)


  10. woodsroller

    Pirelli MT 21 Tire

    Good dual purpose tire. More aggressive than most dual sport tires, but not as much as a pure off road tire.
  11. woodsroller

    Flatland Racing Skid Plate

    Good coverage, strong, easy to install.
  12. woodsroller

    Honda CRF230L 2009

    Fun bike, easy to ride.Lugs along great and is easy to handle. Low seat height and low ground clearance. As expected, it is not overly powerful and the suspension could be better.
  13. woodsroller

    Honda CRF230L (2009)


    Pros: Street legal and dirt capable. Fun bike that is easy to ride. Lugs along great and is easy to handle on and off-road. Low seat height for smaller riders. Dual disk brakes. Cons: Low ground clearance, under powered in stock form, short travel, and the suspension could be better.
  14. woodsroller

    New England TLR200 Reflex Owners Group

    I have one in Vermont that I just picked up in September (from hoboarchery). I've been making upgrades and cleaning it up a bit. Really fun to ride, and I'm up for a vintage ride too. Mine is set up for trials/trails, off-road only.