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  1. husabob1

    Cr80 exhaust leak

    Yikes!!! I didn't see that coming...
  2. husabob1

    can anyone help[ identify this bike?

    Look at the base of the cylinder, on the sides. You should find the displacement there.
  3. husabob1

    Cr80 exhaust leak

    Maybe you need to install a new powerband. Be sure to use the proper size metric Vise Grips....
  4. husabob1

    Why do I keep going through rear wheel bearing?

    I take the old bearing and grind down the OD just enuf to make it a slip fit, then I use it to drive or press the new bearing in place. I also take note of whether or not the bearings hold the spacer in place, or it "floats" a bit. Other things to keep in mind is whether or not the original bearing seats all the way down. If also replacing the seal, make sure it is of the same width of the old one and seated the same distance from the bearing. If there is a gap, I fill it with waterproof grease. I typically replaced my rear bearings on my Husaberg 501 every third tire, and the fronts when they don't turn quietly or smoothly. They are cheap enuf to keep on my shelf, next to my new powerband metric ViseGrips. YMMV. Bob
  5. husabob1

    New England TLR200 Reflex Owners Group

    I have several sets of original Honda TLR200 shocks, but they don't have alot of damping left. Are you looking to put stock Honda shock springs on the Progressives? Do you know if they'll fit? Lemme know. Bob B Also, if you tip over on your TLR200, which I do from time to time competing in Observed Trials events, hold the throttle wide open when you kick it over to help clear it out and restart it... works for me!
  6. husabob1

    New England TLR200 Reflex Owners Group

    I have a Reflex that I use to compete in the Vintage class at New England Trails Association events. It's modified with a plastic tank, SuperTrapp, Hi-flo air filter, lower gearing, 1" longer Falcon shocks, and a larger skidplate. Not pretty, but it gets the job done. I recently bought a bunch of Reflex parts, including a decent runner with no lights, two engineless rollers, and several large boxes of parts, including 2 complete engines with the top ends removed, head and tail lights, wheels, instruments, battery boxes... you get the idea. If you want a frame with a registration, I can provide that as well. Located in Brookline, NH, 03033 Thanks, Bob B. husabob(at)yahoo(dot)com