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  1. placecraft20

    2003 CR250 water pump repair.

    Thanks. Parts should be in today
  2. placecraft20

    2003 CR250 water pump repair.

    Thanks. I believe the Hot Rods kit comes with the bearings. Do you guys replace the impeller as well?
  3. placecraft20

    2003 CR250 water pump repair.

    Well I replaced my radiators due to one being tweaked. I filled the radiators with water to run it and check for leaks before I drained it and added antifreeze. Water immediately started dripping from the weep hole. Hell, it was not leaking before. That’s the way my luck goes. Anyway, my question is replace with the hot rods kit or use OEM parts? I am also thinking if I pull the cover should I go ahead and put a clutch in it. I will be really pissed if it starts slipping afterwords.
  4. I bought 2 new aftermarket radiators to replace the factory ones that where tweaked from falling over. The new ones fit great except one problem, The lower radiator hose is too short. Is the a different model year that has a longer hose to connect the two radiators at the bottom?
  5. placecraft20

    2003 CR250R Rejuvenation

    You could be on to something, I dumped the tank with the old fuel, filled it with fresh Sunoco 110. probably got a piece of trash from the funnel, ratio cup etc.
  6. placecraft20

    2003 CR250R Rejuvenation

    I finally had time to finish getting the bike back together this weekend. I got it out to do some heat cycles and it started on the first kick. I gave it two heat cycles yesterday and will give it another today when I get home. The only problem that popped up is when the bike is on the kickstand, fuel runs out of the carb overflow tube. When it is standing up no fuel runs out. I am thinking the float got out of whack some how. It did not do this before the rebuild and I did not touch the carb. I had installed a JD kit in it previously and it was fine. Ill check the float and find out. I did order new radiators that should be in by the end of the week. My left one was tweaked enough that the radiator shroud would not line up.
  7. placecraft20

    Lets talk silencers.

    I have a thread going on restoring my 2003 CR250. Mine did not come with the factory pipe but it did come with the factory silencer. I have cleaned it up and repacked it so it is ready to go. I Bought a new Pro Circuit pipe but I am now wondering if the aftermarket silencer adds a little more power. What do you guys with experience think?
  8. placecraft20

    2003 CR250R Rejuvenation

    I have read a few threads on the RC valve as well. While I had mine torn down, I cleaned it very well and checked the electric motors operation per the service manual. Every thing looked fine. The cables looked new and where easy to adjust. I will leave the cover off to check its operation when I heat cycle the motor. All my plastics should be here today so I hope to heat cycle it this weekend.
  9. placecraft20

    2003 CR250R Rejuvenation

    Thanks and will do.
  10. placecraft20

    2003 CR250R Rejuvenation

    Thanks for the compliments guys, My work area is my office at my house. Its nice to be able to work in the heat or a/c. Its separate from the house so no fumes or dust bothers my girl friend. I live in Longview about 2hrs east of Dallas. We trail ride and race or ride at Swan raceway in Tyler. It is a very nice track and well maintained. I like to work on the bikes as much as riding them and promised my self I would not sell this one but I always say that. This was my 250X that I sold after playing with it for a year or two. When I bought it. When I sold it.
  11. placecraft20

    2003 CR250R Rejuvenation

    I have been off dirt bikes a while and with my son riding, I decided I wanted another bike. I grew up riding and have had many bikes. The latest one before this was a 2006 CRF250X. I wanted something faster to ride and have always loved 2 strokes. I looked at some new ones but I just seem to be a Honda guy. I started looking for a CR250 about six months ago and finally found one to meet my criteria. This is a one owner low hour 2003 CR250 that had been serviced all its life by Dallas Honda. The owner and I made a deal and I brought it home. It ran good but was on the rich side so I added a JD jet kit, dialed the jetting in, and rode it a couple of weeks. I had plans to tear the bike down for a refresh so I got started. The plans are new top end, new tires, new brakes, new bearings if needed, new plastics, send the suspension off to get rebuilt and replace anything else that I may find wrong. Here is the bike the day I got it The start of the tear down. Top end off. The piston looked to be an original and the cylinder was in good shape. I replaced the piston with a new Vortex, ruffed up the cylinder with a scotch bright pad and cleaned the power valve. I got the top end back together and pulled the wheels for tire replacement. While the tires where being changed I ordered a new V force read cage. The reeds where getting bad in the stock cage so I thought I would try the V force out. I got the new rubber mounted and the rest of the top end finished. While waiting on the new factory plastics, chain sliders nuts bolts etc, I polished the frame and installed the exhaust. This is how it sits now. I ordered the wrong plastics and have new ones on the way. I am also waiting on brake pads chain sliders and a few nuts and bolts.
  12. placecraft20

    Help with plastics on a 2003 CR250

    Thanks. After you telling me this and looking at what I have, I figured out my screw up. I ordered the damn shrouds for a CRF not CR. I just reordered them a few minutes ago. I will return the CRF shrouds. I hope the two bikes where the same colors. I also have CRF fenders!
  13. placecraft20

    Help with plastics on a 2003 CR250

    I went through plenty of searches and can't come up with a solid answer. I am restoring a 2003 CR250. I ordered a set of Polisport plastics for the bike. I returned those and started looking for OEM. I could find one tank shroud new but not the other. I then did a search for interchangeability on the newer bikes. It looked like the 05 to 07 up shrouds would work so I ordered a complete new set of Honda plastics for the bike and they look great. There is one problem, the shrouds will not work with my 2003 tank and radiators. I need new radiators anyway so here is my question. If I buy a 2007 CR250 tank and radiators will they work on my frame? Thanks for any help you can provide.
  14. placecraft20

    Discolored Plastics

    Mr. Clean magic eraser.
  15. placecraft20

    After market radiators

    Thanks fellas