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  1. Thinking about trading my 1998 YZ250 for this 1994 DR650. How much do you think that DR650 is worth? I know the pre 1996 DR's are not as sought after as the post 1996 bikes. Any thoughts?
  2. He said that his friend bought it at a police auction but they lost the paperwork. I wasn't gonna take the chance
  3. Went and looked at it but the vin had been filed off. PM me if you want the dudes number. Did get it to start but it took a lot of kicks. Might not have had a lot of compression.
  4. What numbers should a compression test on this bike bring up if it is healthy?
  5. Im gonna go look at it this afternoon. Any ideas what is wrong with the clutch? Anything from that era that was wrong with it?
  6. Here is a Husky 250 I found. Guy says it runs but has clutch problems. Might offer him $200. What do you guys think and can anyone identify the year/model?
  7. That is what I found on mine, I do believe it wiggles less now and I don't think mine wiggled as much as yours to begin with.
  8. Ordered mine on rockymountainatvmc, it was in the "cylinder head" assembly and part number 23 "holder 2 assembly" Also assuming you're going to put a new seal there if you replace it?
  9. Yes I read that thread too and was planning on doing it until I realized the 1998 is different then the 1999 and later bikes. It has that piece instead of running straight against the aluminum.
  10. That is what I have and am waiting on the part
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