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  1. ranman

    Stator Needed...DRZ250

    Just replaced stator assembly. That was it. Running good now. $285 from dealer for part.
  2. ranman

    Intake screens??250DRZ

    I've had mine off several times and always put the screen back in that goes in airbox, but I did remove the litle round screen between the carb and motor. Still don't know what that one is for.
  3. I second the punch and hammer method. It can be used without too much damage. Or, you can use a large flat head screwdriver and wrap black electrical tape around the part that would contact the frame and then insert and use to pry collar around.
  4. ranman

    Stator Needed...DRZ250

    I had mine tested at my work. According to my manual, the pick up coil is bad. It is actually reading much more resistance. I can get the whole thing new from my dealer for $255. I was just hoping to find a used one for cheaper, but guess I'm gonna have to bite the bullet.
  5. ranman

    Stator Needed...DRZ250

    Anyone want to sell theirs? Hopefully someone is thinking about parting one out or has one sitting that tey don't ride anymore. I haven't seen any parts listed here and there are alot of these bikes out there, so I would think that there would be a market for it.
  6. Anyone have a DRZ 250 they are parting out or thinking of doing so? I need a few parts, mainly a CDI box. Please respond by PM or posting here...thanks
  7. ranman

    Oh No! Not this.... NO SPARK!

    Please post findings when you get it back from the shop. Could be a big help to me. Either post here or PM me. Thanks.
  8. ranman

    Oh No! Not this.... NO SPARK!

    Almost exact same thing happened to my '01 250 last weekend except I was in the woods. Luckily, I was only a mile or so into the trail and only had to push a mile. Was wishing at that time that I had a small 2 st. I think we all know how heavy the DRZ 250 is. Anyway, I had my coil checked at work and it was good. I have not checked the CDI box yet. Don't know if it can be or not. I checked all connections just like you andstill no spark even with 2 new plugs. The, a friend of mine told me an idea of making sure the kill switch or key switch is not grounding out. Said he learned this lesson the hard way. Unfortunately, I've not had the time to try it yet.
  9. ranman

    250 oil cooler damage

    My '01 is still in tact, but I have thought several times about just removing it. I don't want to be several miles in the woods and mess it up and not be able to get back. It is nice to have, but I don't tink it is absolutely necessary especially since I change my oil very often. The XR250's don't have them and they have worked fine for years.
  10. I have the same items as squatpuke removed from my '01 250. Looks the same as mine.
  11. ranman

    DRZ250 potentially overheating

    I have always run 93 octane with good results. Regular 89 octane will probably work also, but you might get a little valve rattle.
  12. ranman

    DRZ 250 No Spark

    I am not getting a spark at all on the plug when grouding it to the head. Removed coil, had inspected at work, and it checks out good (well within specs of manual). Onw questions is: Has anyone had a CDI box go bad? How about on another bike? Just trying to get an idea if these things are bad about going out on any bikes or if it a very small percentage. I have checked all connections andeven disconnected, cleaned, and reconnected with no results. Any suggestions ?? Thanks
  13. ranman

    DRZ250 potentially overheating

    Some bikes are lean from factory depending where you live: ie: temperature and altitude. Mine seemed a little lean after doing extensive plug chop test, but I ended up back at factory settings. Not long after, I done the free mods (opening hole in airbox and drilling out exhaust end cap). I thought for sure I would have to rejet after this, but didn't have to. Actually, I never change my jetting from season to season. All I have to do is move clip on needle and adjust fuel screw. It is an '01 model. On my son's '02 200 KTM 200 2 st, I have to change jetting accordingly. It is real hard to get a good reading by the plug chop test because of several variations like today's gas, so I have read. I did not have much luck with it. I just went by the feel method. The bike has been ridden pretty hard for several years and I just checked the valves Sunday and were perfect. I've never had to adjust them. I am fighting another problem now though, but it is electrical. Last time out, it died on me. Done some testing Sunday also and found I am not getting spark. Coil checks good. I've not had any more time to work on it since. I have noticed with mine after it sits for a little while, it is bad to get crud in the fuel screw. Gas wil evaporate and leave a crust in it. Anyways, back to the subject...if it were running so lean to make it run way too hot, you would know it by riding and listening. Can't really explain it, but you would know it. I have ridden mine in some pretty extreme weather and heat during really tight single track enduros and never had it to seem too hot. Keep in mind that it is the nature of an air cooled bike to run hotter than water cooled. I really don't think you are in any danger.
  14. ranman

    DRZ250 potentially overheating

    Could possibly be too lean. The DRZ 250 is an air cooled bike and it will feel hotter than water cooled. If it is too lean, you should be able to tell by the way it is running. Is it popping when letting off the throttle?
  15. ranman

    Best Air Cooled with Estart?

    That would be a good bike at your size and for the occasional road short road trip. Will be tough in the woods though. Will be ok on the open trails though.