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  1. Was at the dealer yesterday trying to buy a 690, they had one in the back but were holding it until they complete a factory recall for the Cam sprocket bolts. Factory was requiring them (the dealer) to re-loctite the bolts.
  2. I did not get 300 hours on mine but that's because I take it down every other winter for a full refresh. But I am pretty sure it was close to that many hours.
  3. LJRAT

    Tire problem

    Ditto! Lots of lube!!!!! 75PSI and smack the face of the tire with a rubber mallet, yes the face!
  4. Hey, you are one lucky guy to have found one of these in such great condition. I can not diagnose your noise it could be any one of the aforementioned cause or something different. By the way, my qualifier is a B to V and a Baja on a modified 1985 XR350R - both great ride with very solid finishes on this bike. Here is my advice: 1. STOP any activity you are doing with the bike and put it up on a good bike stand. 2. Get a good manual. Shop at Ebay, Amazon or Craigslist. 3. Pull the bike apart and do a full service and inspection, IE: all fluids, filters, valve lash, clutch and wiring harness. Once you have done this, you are welcome to contact me direct for on-line support and help! Jack - LJR Adventure Tours email me at jj2jensen at gee-mail dot com
  5. After 45 years of riding off-road, my advice is: you can't buy, barrow or steal gear that is toooo good!!!!!!! Our bikes have gotten too f-in fast and powerful to short change our body protection with your Mommy's garden gloves and brother's 20 year old Bell Star helmet.
  6. Excellent topic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 65ish and riding with some older gents! Been riding since 1968. Yep! That's right, pushing 50 years in the saddle this year! I was just trying to remember all the bikes I've put a leg over during this time, what a list it is. Current ride: Orange 500, 6-day! Yup, even at my age, still drinking the Koolaid! Regards from Idaho!
  7. I'm an XR400 hound, I would give you $3500 tomorrow for it as all the options you have are well done and desirable for the 4hundred!!
  8. Rolling on over 50 years off-road and tools have always been an issue. My EXC skid plate has a wonderful empty spot between the frame rails. I was able to flat lay two tire irons and the KTM axle/tire iron tool in the middle with plenty of clearance. A piece of tin over top the tools with four strategically placed screws clamps them to the skid plate and provides as a heat shield. a 10 and 13 combo clip on the front section. This took significant weight off of my back and out of my pack. Now there's room for a good bologna sandwich!
  9. I ride rain, snow and anything inbetween but the sight issues is my only problems
  10. Hey, I just went through this same scenario, I wouldn't hesitate to ring back and make the deal. My opinion these 230s are the secondary or kids bike in many of our fleets. Mine came with very similar issues but the motors are so rock solid that I would buy it off you for $1500 so you won't be loosing money! Good Luck with the purchase!
  11. Totally normal, I have a collection of burned turn-signal art from high speed runs in Baja! Use flush mounts for many reasons!
  12. I guess I'm one of the Idiots, Thanks for the compliment! Every once in awhile I need to expound some food for thought: It was back in 1978 maybe earlier, my best riding buddy and I were rocking some great single track up in the Sierras. We stopped for a quick snack and drink. My buddy goes to take a pee on a down and rotting tree, I hear a whispered "Oh SHIT!" I turn to see my best buddy frozen in the "Pee" position and hear the unmistakable sound of a shaker. Yes he peed on the snake and I shot it, . . . Fast forward to 2005, still running great single track in the Bass Lake area backcountry, but was alone. Came across a great rail bed or logging road that had been abandoned many years back. Ran it for a couple hours or more when it started to single up and get pretty worn and overgrown. Came through a tight mogle section when the the bank gave way to a 12 foot drop off that gave me a good tumble. Bike and I were stuck down there for an hour or so before I found a way to get the bike and myself back up the cliff face. But while I was down there staring up that cliff, I got and eerie feeling. I thought could hear something but didn't know what it was until it finally peered over the edge. That was one big kitty ready to launch. Yes, big gun very big sound! But hey, I'm just a chicken idiot no need to be packing!
  13. Two other things I forgot to mention but remembered after checking my pack: cash and a credit card.
  14. Wow this is a great thread! I just got my pack out to check it (which I do every 6 months) and I found several items I think i will add to my go-go pack. Mine includes the standard: first aid, toilet paper/kleenex, spaceblanket, tools wrap with tools applicable to my bike, quality knife, compass, JB Weld, strick anywhere water proof matches, a sharpie, lit-weight air pump, Zyp-ties, safety wire, duct tapes, elect tape, bungee, liter of water in bladder and small section of fuel hose. Not so normal: Taurus 7-shot 357 with first two rounds of snake shot (allready tested), Explorist GPS, two nitrile gloves with hand towelettes for cleaning, emergency data card, LED glow stick, micro-lock with cable, water proof pouch with insurance card, registration and copy of DR License.
  15. Drink the Koolaid, Eat the Koolaid, RIDE THE KOOLAID!!! You'll NEVER go back!
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